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  1. I'm Out to Lose 15 lbs. in 3 Weeks (2 weeks and only 7 lbs to go)

    As soon as I booked my Nov. 26 family trip to Florida I set my mind to going on a three-week diet that could help me drop 15 pounds so I'd feel better and less bloated when I hit the Orlando-area theme parks.

    Losing 15 pounds in 3 weeks

    I didn't need to research any trendy or fad diets. I have been using the Diet-to-Go meal plan on and off since 2001. Whether I've opted for the low-fat or low-carb plans, it has never failed to work for me.

    My cooler of low-fat meals arrived last Tuesday and I got serious Wednesday morning. Other than some sugar-free gum and a few 2-liter bottles of diet soda, I have not had to buy anything for my weight loss plan.

    This morning I had my Week 1 weigh-in. And guess what?

    I am more than halfway to my 3-week goal of 15 pounds!

    I weighed 237.2 pounds when I started my program Nov. 3. This morning, Nov. 10, my handy dandy Weight Watchers scale read 229.4 -- that's a one-week weight loss of 7.8 pounds!!!

    The best part: I did this with diet only. I haven't even tried to exercise (other than a little basketball with the kids). The treadmill calls me later today!

    If you need to drop some weight fast, I totally recommend this program. Over the years, my first week weight loss has run from 6 pounds to 10 pounds. It's a great boost to my weight loss resolve!

    I am following the Diet-to-Go 1,600-calorie low-fat meal plan. My first week coincided with the program's Week 5 (they offer 5 weeks of menus so you never get bored).

    My favorite meals so far:

    #1 Sliced Turkey w/mashed potatoes, gravy & green beans

    #2 Turkey Salisbury Steak w/mashed, gravy & green bans

    #3 Turkey Cutlet Sub w/cheese & pepper relish

    #4 Greek Style Burrito w/chicken sausage & fajita veggies

    #5 Chicken Brunswick Stew w/corn and lentil loaf

    When it comes to smart, delicious, stress-free weight loss, Diet-to-Go is the only way to go for me!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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