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Where does Diet-to-Go ship meals?

Diet-to-Go ships anywhere FedEx delivers in the contiguous U.S.! Because of customs regulations and our strict freshness policies, we are unable to serve Customers in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada. Additional Resources Local Pick-Up How It Works Compare…

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How are Diet-to-Go meals shipped?

Our meals are made fresh in our state of the art kitchen, flash-frozen, packed on dry ice and shipped in large styrofoam coolers. Items that do not require cooling are packaged in a box and shipped with the cooler. The amount of dry ice used in each…

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Do you provide FedEx tracking numbers for meal shipments?

Yes. Each week, when your meals are shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email that contains a shipping tracking number.

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Can I refrigerate my home delivery meals?

Yes. Meals have a refrigerator shelf-life of 7 days. After that, any meals should be placed in the freezer, and can be frozen for up to 30 days. 

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When will my meal shipment arrive?

We ship meals on Mondays and shipments generally arrive within 1-3 days (please check your tracking number for a more detailed estimate). If you have shipping instructions or would like a better estimate of when your meals will arrive, please contact…

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I'm going out of town. How do I skip a delivery?

Placing your plan on hold with a future restart date is easy! Simply visit our Stop/Re-start page and enter the dates for the delivery you would like to skip

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What is the shipping cost for Diet-to-Go home delivery?

Diet-to-Go has the lowest weekly shipping cost of any diet delivery company. Weekly shipping costs are $19.98 for all mail order plans. Additional Resources Compare Us Compare Diet Delivery Plans - What Sets Diet-to-Go Apart?

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