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I can’t reset my password for Diet-to-Go, what should I do?

1) If you are previous customer that recently placed a new order on the website, please contact customer service so they can retrieve the correct customer ID#. 2) If you are setting up your password to login for the first time and are having trouble,…

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Can I manage multiple accounts at one time on myDiettogo?

No. Each person’s plan is unique to them based on their menu selection, plan type, and meal substitutions. Each person has a distinct customer ID and password that they will need to use to login to myDiettogo.

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I’m going on vacation? How can I pause my plan?

With the online customer management system, myDiettogo, we make it easy to stop and restart your plan anytime you want. You must do so by the weekly deadline. Change Deadlines: Mail Order: Fridays at 12 noon (EST) Fresh Pick-up: Mondays at 12 noon…

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How do I login to manage my plan?

Managing your plan with Diet-to-Go is easy! Simply visit the myDiettogo page and login. If you’ve never logged in before, enter your email or customer ID# and set up your password in the registration area. If you still need help accessing your…

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