Diet-to-Go meal plans are low in sodium and high in flavor.

As the Registered Dietitian for Diet-to-Go, I often get questions about the sodium content in our meal plans.   I’m happy to answer these questions because we take the issue of sodium very seriously. At Diet-to-Go, we’re passionate about creating fresh, chef-inspired meal plans that are very low in sodium, yet never compromise on flavor. We continually work on our recipes and ingredient selection so that you can enjoy rich, restaurant quality flavors without all the salt. 

Yes, we offer menus that meet or exceed the guidelines for low-sodium diets!

Diet-to-Go offers four meal plans with less than 2,400mg per day of sodium, two of which have less than 2,000mg per day of sodium*. 

* Average daily sodium content for full meal plan. Individual meals may vary.

You won’t miss the salt!

We challenged our chefs to combine fresh, flavorful and healthful ingredients in a way that delivers great taste without the need for added sodium, and they did. The small amounts of sodium in our meals are naturally occurring or are already in the base ingredients (like bread) we use to prepare our recipes. We do not add salt, artificial flavor enhancers or preservatives to our food.

Getting started is easy.

We know that health objectives, doctor’s instructions and personal preferences vary. We are happy to help you better understand sodium in our meal plans and help you select a plan that is best for you. If you have been prescribed a low-sodium diet, please check with your doctor
before selecting a plan.

Learn more about low sodium and healthy eating.

Sodium is a hot topic and you’ll find a lot of information both online and off. However, we encourage you to look to medically-based information on the topic - the links below can help get you started:

Skip the shaker and you may still get way too much sodium.
    WebMD feature from “Redbook” magazine  By Dana Sullivan
The Wisdom of Cutting Back on Salt.
    University Health Publishing and Johns Hopkins Medicine

Guidelines for a Low-Sodium Diet.
    University of California, San Francisco, UCSF Medical Center

Your Guide to Lowering High Blood Pressure.  
    What to look for on food labels
    by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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