Diet-to-Go Reviews - List of 3rd Party Reviews on Diet-to-Go
Rated 4.5 stars    Rated #1 For Taste!

"Diet to Go gives you — plenty of them. You can sign up for low-carb, low-fat, or low-fat vegetarian meals. You pick whether you want to consume 1,200 or 1,600 calories a day, plus the nutrition info is available on the site. Meal options are pre-selected, but customization for allergies and sensitivities are allowed."    Read Full Review

Rated 4.5 stars    Great Price & Quality!

"My favorite part of reviewing this program was tasting the food. My expectations were low because each meal is heated in the microwave. Honestly, when is the last time you ate a satisfying meal that came out of a microwave? I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that the food quality, taste and texture is very good."    Read Full Review

Rated 5 stars    Most Popular Diet Delivery Service

"One of the quickest and most delicious ways to safely lose weight. Diet-to-Go diet delivery plans have 3 different menu options, and allow customers to substitute any meals for dislikes or allergies. Weekly plans have no contract and be cancelled at any time."
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Rated 5 stars    Meals That Focus On Taste & Health

"Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you want to maintain a healthy weight, Diet-to-Go is a great option for you. Their meal plans make nutritious eating simple and affordable as meals get delivered straight to your doorstep every week."    Read Full Review

Rated 5 stars    5 Stars for Taste!

"Out of all of the meal delivery diet programs we review, Diet-to-Go is the number one best tasting service for those interested in weight loss or weight maintenance. You can opt for home delivery or local pickup of the meals. All of their meal plans meet low-sodium requirements, and meals rotate on a weekly basis."    Read Full Review

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