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With so many diet meal plans out there, it can be difficult to figure out which plan will work best for you. Take a look and see why Diet-to-Go is consistently ranked a top pick for weight loss, affordability, ease of use, and overall customer satisfaction.

Cooking at home
Cost per 1,000 calories $18.81
Cost includes everything
including sides and condiments
Cost includes ingredients only for
healthy low-calorie dense foods
Portion Sizes Perfectly  portioned  meals
1,200 & 1,600 Calories
per day options
Portion size varies
Measuring portion sizes can be
complex and time consuming
Preparation time 1-2 minutes
per meal

No shopping, no clean up
9-16 hours per week
(According to the USDA)

Not including shopping or clean up
Eating Out
Cost per meal $7.52 $10-$15
Portion sizes Perfectly  portioned  meals
1,200 & 1,600 Calories
per day options
Very large portions
Average restaurant meals
contain 800-1,500 calories
(According to the ADA)
Nutrition Nutritionally  balanced
Perfect combination of carbs,
protein and fat
96% of restaurant meals exceed
USDA limits for calories, sodium,
fat & saturated fat (USA Today)

* According to University of Washington Study in August 2011

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Diet-to-Go offers a clear advantage over competitors in price, convenience, freshness and taste.

Comparisons based on one week,
no commitment purchase.
FreshDiet BistroMD eDiets
Average Cost Per Meal* $7.52 $20 $8.00 $9.52
Average Cost per Day $22.57 $59.99 $22.85 $28.56
Full Week Price $157.99 $419.93 $159.95 $199.95
Cancellation Fee NO


NO $30
Available Weekly, No Commitment
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Offering Three Complete Menus


Fresh Non-Frozen Delivery
Food Prepared Fresh in House**

No Food Preparation Outsourcing

Includes All Side Items


*       Average price on March 16, 2012.

**    We make our own food at our quality-controlled USDA facility. No outsourcing.

Proven Weight Loss *

Diet-to-Go has helped thousands lose weight safely and naturally. See these and other great Diet-to-Go success stories here.


"Diet-to-Go has helped me build a foundation for better health and I'm loving the way I look"

- Amy


"Diet-to-Go is a very effective tool that helped kick start an interest in healthier eating and living."

- Jason


"Thanks to Diet-to-Go I am living a dream. I love my life and I love my body."

- Scott


"I have kept the weight off, and I love to go shopping for clothes, something that I really hated before."

- Darla

* Individual results may vary. Customers that stick to our calorie
restricted plans have reported weight loss of up tp 2lbs per week.



Just a quality product at a great value!

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  • Lose Weight
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