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Adhering to a diabetic lifestyle can be tricky. Making sure you’re eating nutritionally balanced meals with just right amount of fat and carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar levels regulated can be complicated. But Diet-to-Go takes the guesswork out of meal planning. Our Balance and Vegetarian meal plans offer diabetics a menu that satisfies the American Diabetes Association Guidelines.


By using Diet-to-Go you get to try new foods where the portions are already determined and controlled for you. You don’t have to worry about tracking your calories or carbohydrates. Follow the Diet-to-Go meal plan and regulating your blood sugar is easy.

Browse our menu plans and see how easy taking control of your weight and health can be!

Local service is available in the Greater DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Philadelphia/NJ areas as well as San Fransico Bay area. Mail Order is available nationwide.

*For Low Fat diet meal plans, we suggest you add 2 glasses of skim milk per day or a calcium supplement.

“Diet-to-Go meal plans are beneficial for customers trying to lose weight and control their blood glucose levels. The meals are portion controlled so there is no need to worry about carbohydrate counting and keeping track of calories for weight loss. The meals offer a diet low in fat which is very important for diabetics since they have an increased risk for heart disease.”
-Rebecca Mohning, MS, RD, LD

"One of the greatest challenges I hear from my diabetic patients is having the time to plan healthy meals that meet the ADA guidelines. It is hard enough for any of us to eat healthy in our busy on-the-go lives and even more difficult for diabetics who are often counting carbohydrates and calories at every meal. Diet-to-Go provides the answer so many diabetics need by preparing balanced, delicious meals that adhere to the diabetic guidelines. Having the right food at their fingertips that will help control their blood sugar is so important for diabetics. And Diet-to-Go provides just that!"
- Karen O’Keefe, M.D.

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