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Do Diet-to-Go meals have any artificial sweeteners?

We do our best to limit the use of any artificial sweeteners. There are a few side items, such as yogurt and syrup, that do contain artificial sweeteners. However, because customers can substitute meals, they can easily replace meals that have side items…

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Do Diet-to-Go meals contain preservatives?

We do not add any preservatives to our meals. Additional Resources Diet-to-Go: It’s All About the Food

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Does Diet-to-Go use organic ingredients?

Yes, we use organic ingredients whenever possible, but we do not use them exclusively. At Diet-to-Go, we believe in taking a balanced approach to nutrition and wellness. Ultimately, we advocate for applying common-sense and adhering to the middle…

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Where can I find Diet-to-Go meal nutrition information?

There are many places on our website where you can find nutritional information for the Diet-to-Go meals. With our new website, you can view your Diet-to-Go meals and nutrition information in your Meal Tracker. You can also take advantage of…

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Is there MSG or other additives in Diet-to-Go meals?

No. Diet-to-Go does not use MSG or other harmful preservatives or additives in it’s meals. Additional Resources Diet-to-Go: It’s All About the Food

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