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Does Diet-to-Go charge extra to make meal substitutions?

No. Customers can make substitutions and changes to their meal plan by accessing their account through myDiettogo. Substitutions and menu customizations are completely free and do not cost extra.

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How does Diet-to-Go compare with other diet delivery services?

Diet-to-Go is the best diet delivery service available… Duh. But I guess we’re a bit biased. In our attempt to create a more objective comparison, we’ve created the chart below that compares Diet-to-Go with some of the most popular diet…

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How many pounds do people lose on average on Diet-to-Go?

Most people lose 1-3 pounds per week. However, weight loss is based on your height and weight. You can calculate how many calories you need to eat to lose weight effectively with our weight loss calculator and free diet analysis.  Additional…

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