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  1. 10 Great Low-Carb Snacks


    Snacking is a smart weight loss strategy, especially when you're getting started on a weight loss plan. Eating smaller meals more frequently keeps you from getting hungry, and it keeps you focused on your goal.

    Weight loss should not mean deprivation: you're taking good care of yourself, and the results will be fantastic!

    Fasting depletes you of energy and motivation; healthy snacking keeps your engine burning.

    Fueling your body with healthy snacks is going to help you achieve your goals.

    But keep in mind that a snack doesn't mean something that adds extra calories to your daily diet. Nor does it mean you have the go-ahead to chow down on foods that are unhealthy for you.

    While on a low-carb eating plan you can eat liberally of protein choices, including turkey and chicken, meats and fish, eggs, and to a lesser extent, cheese. Non-meat sources of proteins such as tofu, soy nuts, and tempeh are also good snacks.

    There are a variety of low-carb snack products available. Some low-carb products are sweetened with Splenda, others have both Splenda and sugar alcohols.

    Depending on your taste, you may find them enjoyable, and they are available for an occasional treat without going over your carbohydrate allowance.

    10 Great Low-Carb Snack Ideas

    1. Sliced turkey breast, roast beef, chicken breast, or ham wrapped around celery sticks

    2. Sliced avocado salad dressed with olive oil and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar

    3. Quarter-cup roasted almonds

    4. Cup of roasted peanuts in the shell

    5. 4 large boiled shrimp with sugar-free cocktail sauce

    6. 2 cups sugar-free gelatin topped with a whipped cream

    7. Hard-boiled eggs

    8. String cheese

    9. Celery stuffed with nut butter (no-sugar-added peanut, cashew or sesame butter)

    10. Marinated olives and fennel


    Looking for more snack ideas? Check out these work snack ideas!
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