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  1. California Woman Finds Healthy Eating Is A Cinch With Diet to Go

    California Woman Finds Healthy Eating Is A Cinch With Diet to Go

    Eating out every meal was a reality Joanna Keating-Velasco knew well.

    “I hate grocery shopping and I hate cooking,” said Joanna, an instructional aid from Orange County, California. “So [my husband and I] had been spending most nights eating out.”

  2. 9 Simple Things That Will Instantly Lift Your Spirits

    9 Simple Things That Will Instantly Lift Your Spirits

    There are going to be those times when you feel down, when you feel like giving up, when life seems to be full of monotony. Those are the times that you might have to muster a bit of extra inner strength to keep going -- they’re also the times that make you a stronger person. And luckily, there are little steps you can take to make it a bit easier.

  3. One Week of Weight-Loss Motivation

    One Week of Weight-Loss Motivation

    Every day requires strength and commitment. You can do it. You will do it. We rounded up seven motivational quotes will help you get through the first week.

  4. 13 Habits of Successful Resolutioners

    13 Habits of Successful Resolutioners

    Welcome to the New Year! If you’re like 41 percent of Americans, you’ve likely made some sort of resolution. Sadly, only 20 percent of those who make a New Year’s resolution actually keep it. So how do you become one of the few who sticks with it? Start by looking to those who have already been there, done that. We compiled a list of 13 Habits of Successful Resolutioners — the things real people say has helped them stay on-track and meet their new year’s goals.

  5. 8 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Why We Overeat (and How to Stop)

    8 Scientifically-Proven Reasons Why We Overeat (and How to Stop)

    It wasn't too long ago in our human history when food served one simple purpose - to sustain life. Why, then, has food morphed into an obsession that has long ago passed the point of enjoyability, and instead turned into a problem? Why do we overeat? Why can’t we stop ourselves from chowing down junk food? Why are we so driven by our next meal? Here are 8 reasons, backed by science, that show why we often consume copious, unhealthy amounts of food — and how we can stop.

  6. 6 Reasons You Should Exercise as a Couple

    6 Reasons You Should Exercise as a Couple

    Easy — the camaraderie, the support, the motivation, the like-mindedness, heck, even the ability others have to get our minds off how tough it is sometimes.

    So it should go without saying that doing it with someone close to you has even more benefits — including a host of them for your relationship. Yes, it turns out that exercising with your significant other has some significant positive effects on you both!

    How, exactly? We’ve rounded up 6 ways exercising with your partner can be a bonding experience and a way to keep you on-track.

  7. Why Willpower Doesn't Work & Never Has (and 4 Steps to Get Started)

    Why Willpower Doesn't Work & Never Has (and 4 Steps to Get Started)

    You hear it all the time — losing weight takes willpower...and lots of it.

    Willpower is defined as deliberately exerting yourself to restrain your impulses.

    You know the feeling well. It’s the agonizing back-and-forth in your head– one voice is telling you to do something while the other is telling you not to.

  8. Repair Your Relationship with Food – 4 Tips to Positive Emotional Eating

    Repair Your Relationship with Food – 4 Tips to Positive Emotional Eating

    Research shows that feeling good about what we eat and enjoying food with family and friends is essential to healthy weight maintenance. Sharing a meal with loved ones makes us more relaxed, more mindful of how much we’re eating — and can ultimately lead to a leaner body.

  9. How to Ditch the Stress That's Secretly Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Success

    How to Ditch the Stress That's Secretly Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Success

    Deadlines, relationship problems, traffic, economic and health issues… these are just a few of the many, many issues that can cause stress in our lives and sabotage our weight-loss efforts. Stress is unavoidable, but how we cope and deal with stressors is within our control. It sounds easy – and it can be - with these tips.

  10. Break Through Your Weight-Loss Barriers

    Break Through Your Weight-Loss Barriers

    Roadblocks, detours, setbacks…are all challenges we work to avoid in life. Barriers will always exist in anything you try to accomplish, but identifying potential challenges ahead of time and having a plan in place will help you succeed. 

  11. A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Eating

    How you eat matters. Learn how to start eating mindfully and create a more satisfying meal experience every day.

  12. Silencing Fat Talk: The Power of Positive Speaking

    Fat talk may seem like friendly banter, but it can be damaging to your well being. Learn more about what fat talk is and how to get it out of your life.

  13. 3 Tips to Focus like an Olympian

    It may seem intimidating when starting down a path of change, but know that you are not alone. Even Olympians need help in finding their focus.

  14. Poor diet now number one killer in U.S. - Weekly Roundup

    How poor diet trumps tobacco use as the number one killer of Americans, companies use manipulative online tactics to exploit your children, and other top health-related news stories, blogs, celebrity weight loss updates and studies from around the web. Only the best. All in one convenient place.

  15. Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

    When first starting out, staying motivated to lose weight is easy. But what happens when you’ve been on the weight loss quest for weeks, or months, and you still have a ways to go? We all know losing weight is a journey, but what's the secret to staying motivated when the journey is a long way from over? It may be hard, but it is possible.


  16. Weight Loss Plateaus

    Dreaded, feared and unfortunately, pretty much inevitable: the weight loss plateau. You know the story; you’re doing great, losing weight, feeling fantastic and then…bam! You’re stuck. No matter what you do, the scale does not move. Weight loss plateaus, they are the worst! But what exactly is a weight loss plateau, why do they happen? And more importantly, what can we do to get past them?

  17. Juggling the Struggle: Work, Motherhood, Weight...Life!

    Diet-to-Go is pleased to have Emma Kaufmann as one of our new guest bloggers. A Londoner born and bred, Emma moved to Baltimore, MD eleven years ago with her then new American husband. She has since had two daughters and written a book, Cocktails At Naptime - A Woefully Inadequate Guide to Early Motherhood and publishes her own blog, Mommy Has a Headache. Emma will be sharing her humorous outlook on life, motherhood, career all while struggling to manage her weight.

  18. Breaking Bad Eating Habits

    The key to losing weight, and keeping it off, isn’t some secret potion or magic pill. The way to lose weight is by breaking bad eating habits and in exchange, adopting good ones. Despite promises by many advertisers, losing weight isn’t a quick fix. Losing weight (and keeping it off) is about establishing a common sense approach to healthy eating and exercise. It’s about changing habits in a way that is achievable and sustainable over the long haul.

  19. Lose Weight While Being Social

    Lose weight while being social? Doesn’t seem possible. Especially now during the holiday season, it’s hard not feel like you have to choose: stay on the diet or be social. And many times instead of forcing ourselves to be bombarded with temptations, we choose to skip the party. But there’s no reason to lose your social life while losing weight. With a little planning and some tactical maneuvers, it is possible for you to lose weight while being social.

  20. Portion Control

    Portion sizes have become huge! Over the last couple of decades the portion sizes of everything from pasta to hamburgers to bagels have doubled (sometimes tripled!) in size. And countless studies have shown that the bigger the portion size, the more we tend eat. We need to stop. The problem: We can’t control our portions if we don’t know what a proper portion size is.

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