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  1. What it Would Take to Burn off That Halloween Candy

    What it Would Take to Burn off That Halloween Candy

    October is here, and that means lots, and lots of candy. And whether you have kids or not, there’s a very high likelihood you’re going to encounter it this time of year.

    But before you pop those fun-size bars or miniature peanut butter cups into your mouth without a thought, consider what they mean for your overall goals. To put things into perspective, let's find out just how much exercise you’d have to put in to burn off those teeny weenie bars of seemingly insignificant extra calories.

  2. 100 Years of Weight Loss: A History of Fad Diets and Healthy Eating

    100 Years of Weight Loss: A History of Fad Diets and Healthy Eating

    Dieting has a long, strong history dating back hundreds of years. From the cigarette and liquid diets, to weight-loss pills, low carb, and everything in between, the history of diets is a rich one that sometimes focused on overall wellness, often times was a knee-jerk response that failed to deliver long-term results, and a few times was even downright dangerous. Take a quick journey through time to discover which fads were duds and which might be ripe for a post-millennial reprise.

  3. New Report Insights: Diabetes and Diet-to-Go's Role

    New Report Insights: Diabetes and Diet-to-Go's Role

    A new report from Gallup-Healthways sheds light on the status of diabetes in the United States — and the news is unsettling. Today, 2.5 million more people in the country have diabetes than in 2008.

    Luckily, there are ways to combat diabetes. One, is by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through a nutritious, balanced diet. And Diet-to-Go may help do just that with a meal plan that is specifically catered to people with pre- and Type 2 diabetes. 

  4. 5 Diet Trends to Watch in 2017

    5 Diet Trends to Watch in 2017

    Last year, the big diet buzz was to eat crickets. Yes, you heard right. Experts say the bugs are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and easy to digest. (Yet I still can’t stomach the idea of eating crickets.)

    But 2017 is bringing a host of different diet trends — things that, if you’re like me, are a bit easier to wrap your head (and stomach) around.

    Here’s the top 5 diet trends, straight from dietitians, to pay attention to in 2017.

  5. 6 Things Your Doctor Wants You to Know about Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

    6 Things Your Doctor Wants You to Know about Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

    Anyone who has ever worked toward a weight-loss goal knows how tough it can be to rely on willpower alone, ESPECIALLY around the holidays. So, Diet-to-Go has compiled some of the best and weirdest science-based techniques for keeping you honest. Instead of counting on your co-worker to slap that donut out of your hand, check out these seven tricks for avoiding Halloween treats:

  6. Top 10 Vitamins and Minerals for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Good Health

    Top 10 Vitamins and Minerals for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Good Health

    If you’re eating a perfectly healthy diet, you probably don’t need to supplement with vitamins. But even the smallest gaps in nutrition can cause deficiencies, altering the efficiency of your metabolism and hormones. This list of the top ten vitamins and minerals for diet, health, and wellness is a great starting point for a discussion with your doctor about how you can make vitamins work for you.

  7. Why Our Fitbit Winners Have a Leg Up on Weight-Loss (And How You Can Too!)

    Why Our Fitbit Winners Have a Leg Up on Weight-Loss (And How You Can Too!)

    Diet-to-Go is empowering and inspiring our customers to live healthier, more active lives. Each day in January, we awarded a new customer a FitBit tracking device. Did you win?! We believe that the combination of healthy, delicious food and the power to track your daily activity is a weight-loss match made in heaven, find out why:

  8. 8 Spices Your Heart Will Love As Much As You Do

    8 Spices Your Heart Will Love As Much As You Do

    Limiting sodium, increasing fiber, eating more fruits and veggies, adding exercise…these are all proven ways to boost your heart health. But did you know that there are some secret ingredients for a vital heart just waiting for you in your pantry? It's true! The various herbs and spices that make your meals burst with flavor also make your heart glow with health!

  9. 6 Easy Healthy Dessert Options

    Do you want to find easy to make and healthy desserts? They are easier to make than you think and many can be bought off the shelf or made in advance. These desserts give you every opportunity to make the right choice this season.

  10. Current Top 5 Fad Diets

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. How many times have we heard that warning? As with many things in life, if a weight-loss promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  

  11. Skipping Meals to Reduce Calories? Think Again!

    When your doctor or nutritionist says, “Cutting calories is the best way to lose weight,” it is easy to convince yourself that skipping breakfast or working through lunch is the way to go.

  12. Recovering From Overindulgence – 5 Tips to Get You Back on Track

    Was it a weekend at the beach, a night out on the town, or a BBQ blow-out that zapped your energy and filled you with regret? Rest assured, we've all been there before. Try these five tips to recover from an overindulgence and get back on track!

  13. 5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Your Summer Vacation

    Whether you’re on a road trip or taking flight, we’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy travel and vacationing this summer. Taking a break doesn’t mean you have to ditch your healthy habits!

  14. Got a Fitness Buddy? Here’s Why Accountability Works

    Why is it so easy to give up before your healthy new habits have become engrained? Better yet, how can you support your efforts to “stay the course” and keep doing what you know you need to do? It’s about accountability. Check out this article for ways you can set up accountability so you can develop healthy habits that stick.

  15. Have a Sedentary Job? 6 Tips to Make Work Healthier

    Sedentary jobs can wreak havoc on your health and fitness goals. How can you overcome the detrimental effects? Check out these five tips for making your time at work healthier for your body. 

  16. 7 Healthy Tips for the Office

    Your job may have a sneaky way of robbing time, influencing bad decisions and taking away your well-intended plans, but you can do something about it. 

  17. Healthy Eating: Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out

    It’s 7 p.m.: dinnertime. You just got home from a long day at work, running errands and sitting in rush-hour traffic for two hours, and you’re exhausted. Now comes the time when you decide if it’s worth the effort to cook at home, or if you should just grab your car keys and head to a restaurant instead.

  18. Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Oral Care and Overall Health

    Living a healthy life means making sure that your body is receiving all the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to function correctly. It’s also important to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy mouth, since research suggests that poor oral health may be a link to certain health issues, including heart disease, obesity, stroke and even cancer.

    Here’s a list of some of the top vitamins and minerals your body – and mouth – need to stay strong and healthy. 

  19. Foods That Impact Your Oral Health

    If you practice regular oral hygiene, you’re already taking a great step towards your own health. Yet you may be surprised to learn that what you’re eating can have a negative impact on your teeth and gums. Recent studies show that poor dental hygiene is linked to an increased risk of dementia, an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, greater likelihood of developing diabetes and many other health problems.

  20. 5 Heart Healthy Desserts

    Happy Heart Health Month! Here’s a list of 5 heart healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure you’re still eating what’s best for your heart.

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