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  1. 10 Sneaky High Sodium Foods

    Most people get too much sodium in their diet. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 2,300 mg of sodium or less per day. This is equal to 1 teaspoon. Other recommendations call for 1,500 mg or less per day for certain high risk groups. 10 Sneaky High Sodium Foods • Condiments – marinades, barbeque sauce, catsup, etc. are typically high in sodium. Limit the amount you use or look for low-sodium versions. Mrs. Dash makes a great marinade that can even double as a salad dressing. • Salad dressing – read labels and choose dressings with the lowest amount of sodium. Better yet, make your own by combining a little bit of olive oil with balsamic vinegar, Italian seasoning and garlic powder. • Nuts – simple, buy unsalted! • Cereals – certain cereals can have 400 mg or more of sodium per serving! Choose lower-sodium cereals by reading labels and comparing brands. • Deli meats – ask for low-sodium ham, turkey or chicken. Or, slice your own lunch meat from whole roasted chicken, fresh ham or turkey. • Microwave popcorn – buy an air popper for your microwave (still convenient!) and season with Mrs. Dash, garlic or onion powder. • Salsa – make your own salsa with fresh tomatoes, lime juice, onion, jalapeno, bell pepper and cilantro. • Flour tortillas – look for lower sodium varieties or try corn. • Antacids – talk to your doctor about other ways to manage indigestion. • Cheese – avoid processed cheeses and limit portion size.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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