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  1. The 25 Super Immunity Foods: Are You Getting Enough?

    Who doesn't want fewer colds, softer skin or youthful vitality? Frances Sheridan Goulart, author of the ever-popular Super Healing Foods (McGraw-Hill), now brings you a program for the 25 foods that strengthen the body's six immune centers and help heal and reverse the most common ailments.

    Super Immunity Foods: A Complete Program to Boost Wellness, Speed Recovery, and Keep Your Body Strong (McGraw-Hill) focuses on the top 25 foods and provides a simple plan that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

    With delicious recipes and complete menus, the newer, healthier you is just within reach. Ready to achieve optimal health with the top 25 immunity-boosting foods?

    When you're not following your super-healthy perfectly portioned Diet-to-Go program, simply incorporate these 25 superfoods into your daily diet and you'll build immunity that beats disease and slows down aging while increasing your energy.



    The 25 Super Immunity Foods

    Citrus Fruits
    Dark Leafy Greens
    Green Food Powders
    Figs and Dates
    Herbs and Spices
    Sea Vegetables
    Soy Foods
    Nuts and Seeds
    Whole Grains

    "You can cover this list of foods over a period of time," Goulart says. "You don't have to try to incorporate all 25 into your diet at one time.

    "I always try to encourage my clients to eat a wider variety of foods. We tend to fall into a habit of eating the same foods. I urge everyone to try new foods."

    OK, makes sense to me, Frances. But what about... gulp!... sea veggies?!

    "Sea veggies are so rich in nutrients that you only need a small amount," Goulart notes. "You don't have to track down the actual sea veggies.

    "Instead, you can find little shakers of granulated sea veggies and use it as a substitute for pepper when dining."

    The afflictions your new diet will combat

    Acne and Other Skin Disorders
    The Common Cold
    Heart Disease
    Vision Disorders

    "Soon after you start on my eating plan you'll feel more energy and find yourself clear headed," Goulart says. "The 25 super immunity foods help with your cravings for sugar so a nice side effect is weight loss."

    Goulart says a good juicer makes healthy eating a breeze. You can start your day with a nice glass of fruit or veggie juice.

    "It's a better eye-opener than coffee," she promises.

    Chew on these food facts from Frances

    - Dicing fruit into smaller pieces keeps oxidation to a minimum and preserves vitamin C.

    - Cooked broccoli is higher in the antioxidants called carotenes, but raw broccoli is higher in vitamin C.

    - Apple peels are rich in a compound that helps to halt the growth of cancer cells.

    - Orange and tangerine rinds are a good source of probiotics for digestive health.


    Frances Sheridan Goulart, CCN, is a certified clinical nutritionist, yoga instructor, and author of 16 books on health, nutrition, cooking and wellness. She co-founded Potsanjammer, one of the first natural foods cooking schools in the country. For more information, go to

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