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  1. 3 Wonderful Water Tips for Weight Loss

    Hello everybody, Alyssa here from the Double Chin Diary! I’m a proud Diet-to-Go ambassador and today, I want to talk to you about taking your weight loss to the next level… with a free thing that everyone has access to. Are you ready? This miraculous wonder-drug is… WATER!

    I know, you probably just rolled your eyes, but believe me, it makes a big difference! I’ve recently come off of diet soda, and I have been clean for a month after fighting through fiendish caffeine withdrawls that made me dream about sparkling, dancing, thirst-quenching Diet Cokes. Anyway, I worked my way through that by getting REALLY creative about how I fit in my water. I’m serious - when I finish my delicious Diet-to-Go Turkey Burger, I’m craving a big glass of cold water instead of a Diet Coke. (Miracles CAN happen.) Here are three tips that have helped me hydrate my way to success.

    1. Always, always, always keep a gigantic water bottle at your workspace.

    My coworker is a champion water drinker and bought me this huge BPA-free jug to keep filled up on my desk. If I make it through one of these a day, I feel accomplished – and if I make it through two, I’m a freakin’ rockstar.


    2. Embrace flavor.

    Don’t like the taste of water? Fine – fair enough. It doesn’t really taste like anything, but if that’s the problem, you can flavor up your water without chemical-laden artificial sweeteners or weird drink droplets. The solution? Everyone’s favorite low-cost treat – FRUIT! Cut up some of your favorite fruit, or whatever’s on sale, and let it steep in a cup of cold water or a pitcher for at least one hour, maybe even overnight. My latest life-changing combo was Mango and Strawberry. This takes water from plain and predictable to fantastically fruity. You’ll love it! Even one slice of lemon and lime can turn your boring water into a citrus party.

    Here's a bonus: Yet another helpful water drinking tip for weight loss:


    3. Always, always, always make sure you have water nearby during a workout.

    I think it’s incredible how halfway through my boxing class, I turn into a super-absorbent human sponge – probably because I’m sweating it all out. I can drink two full bottles of water in a simple 40-minute class, and I know flushing out all the toxins and rehydrating my muscles is amazing for me. If you’re doing activities like running or biking that don’t allow you have to a water bottle near you in one place, look into a waist pack or sport utility belt that has a water bottle holder. They’re really convenient, and ladies, they’re great for things other than exercise. Like strolling through parks, exploring flea markets or walking around fairs; things where you might not want to carry a bulky purse. Yes, I’m totally that person that rocks a fanny pack, and you can bet there’s always a tightly sealed water bottle stashed in it!

    These tips can really help you out. In the daunting world of weight loss, making one more change, like drinking tons of water, can seem overwhelming. However, if you find ways to sneak it into your daily life and always have it in arms reach, you’ll find that soon you’re actually thirsting for water, and the number on scale will drastically drop.

    Whew… now I’m thirsty! Do you have any other awesome ideas for increasing your water consumption? Share them here!


    Author: Alyssa Curran
    Diet-to-Go Ambassador

    Alyssa is a late-20-something writer and social media maven living in the smoggy valley of Los Angeles. She's on a journey to lose 75 pounds while battling foodie temptations, life's craziness and her body's natural inclination to remain festively plump. She blogs with her sister April at the Double Chin Diary.

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