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  1. 5 Metabolism Boosters You Drink or Eat!

    For many who strive to lose weight and get into shape, their initial solution is to diet.

    But sometimes simply reducing your caloric intake and minimizing meal portions isn't enough.

    Sometimes you actually need to add more food into your meal plan-especially those that will help you workout harder so you can burn off extra calories.


    5 Metabolism Boosters You Drink or Eat


    In order to help speed up your weight lost and give your metabolism a little boost, it's imperative that you drink lots of water throughout the day (and not just when you're working out).

    This is because, according to researchers, water can speed up your metabolic rate by 30% since it helps with digestion.

    Of course there are other great reasons to drink lots of water. It's a natural hunger suppressant, it flushes out sodium and harmful toxins, and it adds color to your face.

    Studies show that to get an even bigger metabolism boost, drink your water ice cold. Whichever temperature you decide to have your water, try to consume the standard 6 to 8 glasses a day for the best results.



    Years ago the grapefruit diet was a huge hit with dieters, and while it may have lost its popularity, according to researchers there are still some huge advantages to adding grapefruit to your diet.

    Grapefruit works to reduce the insulin levels in your body. Insulin is what tells your body to store fat.

    On the plus side, grapefruit is also high in fiber which means your body will have to burn more calories to break it down. So eat a grapefruit for breakfast or as a mid-day snack.



    This high protein meat shouldn't be consumed only during the holidays.Boneless, skinless turkey breast is better at building lean muscle so that you can ultimately burn more calories (more so than chicken). Ground turkey is a healthier recipe substitute than ground beef.



    Spicy foods, especially those loaded with jalapenos, cayenne pepper and curry spices can make your metabolism skyrocket through the roof.

    This is because these specific types of peppers and spices contain capsaicin-a special chemical that helps your body produce more stress hormones. Stress hormones are what speed up your heart rate and your metabolism.

    So add some peppers to your meal or some salsa to give your metabolism a little kick.



    Similar to peppers, coffee can speed up your heart rate and your metabolism as well. Just makes sure you don't depend on this beverage too much. Aside from keeping you up all night it can cause jitters, dehydration and gastric problems.

    This guest post was contributed by Tara Miller, who usually writes on the topics of getting an online psychology degree. She welcomes your comments at

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