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  1. 5 Reasons Weight Training Won't Work

    Sorry folks... weight training doesn't work. Well, at least for some people it doesn't.

    There are plenty of reasons why one may think that weight training isn't working for them, or that it isn't producing the results they want.

    I've narrowed down a few things I think have great effects on your results when using weights.


    Slow down jackrabbit! I've seen people do reps like they're in a race with someone. While a quick tempo may work at times, you risk injuring yourself if you lose control. Instead, try going at a slower tempo for better results.

    Concentrating on the eccentric phase, (example: slowly descending into a squat in 3-4 seconds) holding the isometric position, (staying in the bottom position for 2-3 seconds) and then going back to the starting position (rising back up to standing in 1 second). This technique elicits more microscopic tears in the muscle fibers that are necessary for the muscles to repair themselves and grow stronger.

    Rep Range

    I love the women who do 500 reps with 1.5-pound weights because they don't want to get big. Women just don't have the hormones men have and will not look like Mr. Olympia unless you use the special cream that certain baseball players are accused of using.

    It's this simple: 2 to 4 repetitions are best for improving muscle power, 5 to 6 repetitions are best for building muscle strength, 8 to 12 reps are best for increasing muscle size, and 15-20 reps are best for muscle endurance. Stop with the 9,000 crunches already!

    Pattern Overload

    This is for all the machine lovers around the world: GET OFF!! Using machines that lock you into position to perform some robotic mindless motion overtime can cause soft tissue and joint damage. As much as we love athletes, unfortunately, they fall into this pot too. Doing the same athletic movement a thousand times over, (like a basketball player jumping up and down) can cause damage to ligaments and joints.

    To counter these effects, use more free weights than machines, and change your routine every 4-6 weeks. If you're an athlete, strengthen your stabilizer muscles and get some soft tissue work done. These repetitive motions can easily lead to overtraining so be aware of that.

    Bad Posture

    If you have the posture of a primate, working out won't help you look better. If anything, it'll make you look like you have a gut if your shoulders slump forward. Bad posture and weight training can increase bone problems, stunt growth, and decrease sport performance.

    No, I'm not saying to walk around the gym with a book on your head, but pay attention to the position of your head, shoulders, hips and feet while exercising.


    Been doing the same routine from some magazine for 5 years now? Or you basically have a highlighted trail at the gym on which machines you will use next? Change it up!

    If your mind is not in your workout and your building a social network the size of facebook when you're at the gym, I guarantee you no results. Try changing the sequence of the workout. (example: instead of weights then cardio, try cardio then weights) You can also change the angle or direction you are lifting weights.

    If all else fails, hire a trainer!

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