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  1. The 5 Things a Diet Must Provide to be Successful

    Americans spend billions of dollars each year on pills and gadgets they hope will help them shed weight.

    The secret to a successful diet won't cost you a lot of dollars; all it takes to lose weight is a little sense.

    The 5 Must-Haves of a Successful Diet

    1. You need to eat great-tasting foods that fill you up without filling you out. Some people call this volumetrics. What it means is you eat nutrient-dense foods that don't contain a lot of fat. By removing the bulk of the fat, you can eat more food -- and feel more satisfied!

    2. A diet must be as stress-free as possible. Studies show that stress is responsible for weight gain. When you don't have to think about what you're eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you don't have to stress over meal planning, food shopping or finding enough time to cook.

    3. Your diet has to be flexible. A diet that allows you to choose your favorite foods or two different calorie levels is flexible enough to stick with. Whether you like Balance, Carb30 or vegetarian, you need to have enough variety to keep you interested -- and you need to be able to easily swap out meals that just don't appeal to you.

    4. You need a diet that doesn't lock you in for longer than you need... a diet that doesn't force you to eat the meals 7 days a week when you know your weekends will include family outings or events with friends. There's nothing worse than throwing away good foods because you don't need them, but still had to buy them. A diet that works is customizable to your wants and needs. No weekends? No problem! Lunch and dinner only? No problem!

    5. Your diet needs to provide a wide variety of diferent meals to keep your taste buds from getting bored. Variety is the spice of life. New and different foods allow you to stay on a diet longer. And sticking with a diet for a length of time will result in greater weight loss.

    So when it comes to the secret of dieting successfully... well, there really isn't any secrets -- and there really isn't any reason to research the matter any further because I'm here to tell you Diet-to-Go has unlocked the secrets of weight loss for you.

    Stop equating dieting with deprivation and start eating better than you've ever dreamed possible. Our chefs will cook the food. All you need to do is eat great and lose the weight.

    Author: John McGran

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