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  1. 5 Ways to Evaluate Your Weight Loss Journey

    As Bette Midler sings -- and Donkey in Shrek, too -- ya gotta have friends! Having someone you trust to provide support and tough love is essential when you are facing a challenge.

    Dieting is a challenge... so you gotta have friends.

    During my 10 years in this field of health, wellness, diet and fitness, I've accumulated quite a few great friends. Some I have yet to meet, but that hasn't stopped me from forging great phone/email relationships.

    Total wellness guru Alicia Kirschenheiter has become one of my best friends. And that's a good thing because, as I try to lose weight, I need friends like Alicia.

    This past week I turned to her for more advice. I got off to a great start with my current diet (the Diet-to-Go Low-Fat Traditional meal plan), but the past two weeks just haven't gone nearly as well.

    Alicia told me to step back and evaluate where I am in my journey to better health and a slimmer body. Here is what she told me to think about. Hopefully her advice will help you too!

    5 Ways to Evaluate Your Journey

    1) Think it through

    Are you seeing results that you are happy with realistically? We all want faster results, but realistically -- and to maximize the staying power of your diet -- you should be losing no more than one or two pounds a week.

    2) Reassess what's working for you

    Week 3 is a good time to look at what you like about the changes you have made... and what you absolutely hate. Remember, the goal is a longstanding lifestyle change so it's important to recognize the things that are working for you to better incorporate them for the long haul.

    3) Shout it out!

    One of the biggest keys to a healthy lifestyle is support. If you have been flying solo until now, Week 3 is a great time to shout out your needs to anyone who might listen. Partner up with a friend, a spouse, a child, a support group or a social network. Communication of your needs, goals and journeys may even inspire someone else along the path.


    4) Recognize your feelings

    Ask yourself how you feel. Simple, right? But take some time to truly think about how and what you are feeling by losing this weight and by getting healthier. By taking time to recognize the things that make us feel good, we can make the mind body connection. Hopefully it raises our consciousness about what makes us feel good and feel healthy. Then we can take the steps to stay there.

    5) Celebrate!

    Every goal reached deserves a small celebration. Be proud of the accomplishments you have made and be proud of starting the journey in the first place. Treat yourself to something good. Maybe a spa visit, or a small dessert you have been longing for, a pair of pants perhaps one size smaller. You are worth it!

    You are wiser than your years my friend. Thanks for the great advice. I will take it to heart as I get ready for my Week 4 weigh-in tomorrow morning.

    Got any questions for Alicia? Email them to me at

    For more great advice and insights from Alicia, check out her Diet-to-Go blog

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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