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  1. 5 Ways to Start Your Day off Right from 10 People that Know

    The onset of winter has made me feel lethargic, and sometimes I have a hard time getting started in the morning. I used to get up an hour early to make an entry in my journal and plan my day. Now, I’m lucky if I am not shouting orders to my kids like a general and running out with my shoes untied and no breakfast.

    I wanted to get back into a groove, so I did some research online and polled some of the healthiest, most successful members of the Diet-to-Go community to see how they get their day started off on the right foot.

    1) Start the Night Before

    The way you feel while you're awake depends in part on what happens while you're sleeping,” according to the NIH. Sleep is really important for a successful tomorrow. If you’re not getting enough z’s, try to relax by doing a nighttime ritual like choosing your clothing and preparing anything you may need for the next day. Keep a notebook by your bed to record thoughts or to-do lists. Read or practice deep breathing to calm your mind further.

    I make sure I have everything I need for the next day ready to go — coffee maker set, Diet-to-Go food labeled with the day of the week and the meal and some healthy snacks available. I always like to make sure I have apples, oranges, yogurt and cheese sticks around to supplement my meals. This way I am not running around in the morning trying to figure out what to eat that day.
    – Sheryl W. in Somerset, NJ; Lost 42 pounds with Diet-to-Go

    2) Just Say “YES”

    Tevis Rose Trower, author of the Life Works WebMD blog says the first rule for having a great day is: “Agree with being awake. Agree that this is your moment to connect to the living world and to be a part of all that is unfolding within and around you.

    Breathe in, breathe out…repeat. Being mindful about breathing helps me to be clear and calm as I go into my day.
    – Renee P., Certified Health Coach, Diet-to-Go

    I pray and give thanks for another day. I smile at myself in the mirror and think how great a smile makes everything. Then I have some green tea sweetened with one tablespoon of honey. It’s only 60 calories!
    – Bridgette J. in Macon, GA; Diet-to-Go Customer

    3) Drink a Glass of Water

    There are many studies that show how a simple glass of water gets your internal system working. It also helps wake you up and get you moving.

    I like to start my day with a full glass of water and a ‘good morning’ to my fiancée and dog. The water helps me ‘wake up’ on the inside, and it’s nice to have a little connection with loved ones before logging into email or checking my phone. Sounds small, but since I spend most of the day ‘plugged in,’ it’s nice to start simple!
    – Kim C., D.C.; Account Executive for Diet-to-Go and Figure Competitor

    I start my day by driving my teenage daughter to school bright and early. It’s nice to connect with her and then come home to decompress with a shower and a quick read of the Washington Post and a quart of ice water. Cold water burns calories and hydrates my body, which propels my day forward.
    – Hilton D., CEO of Diet-to-Go

    4) Get Moving

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is reach for the sky, chase your dog around, go for a spin or lift a child. Yes, I’m referring to exercise. Whatever that means to you... GET MOVING!

    Don’t know where to get started? Try a 5- or 10-minute mini exercise like the ones featured in Prevention magazine.

    My favorite way to start the day is with a workout. Whether at the gym or outside, I love the ‘me time’ first thing in the morning to get my day started. It is the only portion of my day truly reserved for me. It allows me to clear my head, get a sweat going and increases blood flow so I am sharper and ready to attack my day with vigor.
    – Christi S.; Northern New Jersey Account Executive at Diet-to-Go

    On weekdays, I wake up and go to yoga or boot camp workout class. This gets my day off to a good start physically, mentally and emotionally. The physical benefit is that I have worked my muscles, heart and lungs. The mental benefit is connecting my mind and body with the discipline to push through the difficult parts of my workout. The emotional benefit is the feeling of accomplishment I get when it is over.
    – Natalie H. in Plano, Texas; Friend of Diet-to-Go

    I get out with my girlfriends! Whether for a run with a crew, walk with just one (and our dogs), my girlfriends motivate me to get up and get out pre-dawn, no matter the weather. The tip for making this routine stick — make the decision the night before and put out clothes, shoes, gloves, etc. It's so much easier to follow through once the decision's been made, and it's just a matter of slipping out of bed and into gear.
    – Kirsten L. in Washington, D.C.; Friend of Diet-to-Go

    5) Listen To or Write Something Positive

    According to J.B. Glossinger, CEO of Alive Foundation, you have to fill your mind with positive ideas. There is so much negativity in the news that it’s hard to start the day in a good mood. According to Glossinger “[if you] get some positive information every morning you start to reach higher levels of performance”.

    Last year I got in the habit of posting every day in the myDiettogo Community. I would do the Daily Dish and it just got my day started off on the right foot. I was able to share my concerns, hopes and goals, and give positive feedback to others in the Community who needed it. I advise taking a moment to reflect on what you want and need and how you can help someone else with your day.
    Molly M. in Atlanta, GA; lost 80 pounds in 7 months with Diet-to-Go

    I don’t like the idea of waking up to an alarm. Who wants to be in a state of alarm all day? So I use my phone as an alarm and program whatever music will give me the energy and tone I want to start my day off with.
    – Chris A. in Washington, D.C.; Diet-t0-Go Customer

    Healthy life practices lead to healthy eating practices. Starting your day off right is the first step to daily health and happiness.

    How do you get your day started off on the right foot?


    Author: Brandi Redo
    Brandi is a Certified Health Coach at Diet-to-Go, based in Lorton, VA. Balance is the number one mission in Brandi’s life. In her spare time she loves to bike, do Zumba and play tennis, but hates gym exercise. She is an amateur gardener and nature walker, who is on the constant look out for interesting insects and small animals. Brandi encourages people to “find the sweetness in life.”


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