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  1. 5 Ways to Train Your Brain, Trim Your Tummy

    In his 1973 hit Mind Games, John Lennon sang "We're playing those mind games together, pushing barriers, planting seeds..." At times I miss the late Beatle as much as I miss my 32-inch waistline.

    Today we're going to resurrect Lennon's Mind Games message: You can use your brain to make great strides.

    That means you can imagine world peace and work towards it or you can visualize a slimmer, healthier you and get on the right track to make that happen.

    Despite what it may feel like at times, neither goal is impossible. So let's start playing those mind games together -- we'll think positive and make positive things happen!

    Most of us approach a diet with the traditional two-pronged attack of better nutrition and increased activity. That's a good start but you really need to add a third piece to the puzzle.

    And that third piece is none other than attaining the right mindset to achieve your goals.

    I'm down 12 pounds but I've have been struggling to launch a fitness plan. I trace that struggle to the mind games I've been playing... and losing.

    Since I am a man of words more so than action I turned to a total wellness guru -- my dear friend Alicia Kirschenheiter -- for a few tips on retraining my brain so I can trim my tummy.

    Take it away Alicia!

    5 Ways to Retrain Your Brain

    1) Visualize Your Success

    I don't mean to sound hokey but if you have no idea what success in your weight loss endeavor is supposed to look like, how will you be able to measure or even gauge whether you're making progress? Be concise and specific in your visualization and write it down so you can have a reminder with you at all times.

    2) Move from Wellness Woes to Wellness Ways

    If you think of your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle as a chore, then you will always be looking for the end. Pursuit of wellness has no end; there are only constant new beginnings.

    So once you reach your goal, don't stop. Seek out new ways to incorporate activity, hunt for delicious new recipes, and line up new challenges.


    3) Put Yourself First

    There, I said it... and I'm not ashamed to tell you that we need to be self-centered when it comes to our health and wellness! We always seem to make time for everyone else in our life. We also find time for all those chores and meetings. Why can we find time for everything else but us?

    The truth is that we must plant the seed in our mind that we are worth the effort. Otherwise, you set yourself up for failure. Say it and believe it -- you are worth it!

    4) Ask for Help

    We sometime act like it but honestly no one is a know-it-all. While you may have a great handle on the diet portion of your wellness plan, you may lack experience in the fitness arena. Or you may have great thoughts about fitness and exercise but have no idea about nutrition. And what about the whole mind/body piece?

    My point: ask for help. Never ever be afraid to ask for advice from an expert. Qualified professionals in the health and wellness field can be found locally, globally, face-to-face or online. Always check credentials and do some research as you would with any doctor or health professional.

    5) Attitude is Everything

    I cannot emphasize this point enough! We will stumble. We will make mistakes. And we will have setbacks. These things are inevitable. Use them as learning lessons.

    No one starts the path to wellness and does it right on schedule all the time. However, the biggest difference between someone who succeeds and someone who does not is their attitude and resilience.

    Such sage advice Alicia! You are surely wiser than your years.

    For more on Alicia, go to

    Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how my weekly weigh-in turns out!

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