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  1. 5 Weight Losing Tips

    Okay, let me start out by noting that I know the headline wording "weight losing tips" sounds kind of awkward. But it just so happens that "weight losing tips" is a popular online search phrase for people trying to shed a few pounds.

    So, since our mission here at Diet-to-Go is to help as many people as possible to achieve their healthy eating and weight loss goals, we are using the phrase.

    We're also serving up 5 weight losing tips from the experts who know more than a little about dieting and shedding pounds.

    5 Weight Losing Tips for the New Dieter

    1. Know your weight loss goals (

    "Consider how much you need to lose before you decide how to do it..."

    If you have just a few pounds to lose, you can take the bull by the horns and do it yourself by cutting back on calories consumed and bumping up the amount of time you spend being active.

    If you have a lot of weight to drop, you may need professional assistance.

    Either way, you should talk to your doctor before jumping into any weight loss plan.


    2. Stay focused on being healthy, not thin (

    "Many people become more successful at long term weight loss when their motivation changes from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier."

    Striving to be "skinny" can set you up for frustration and maybe even worse. Obsessing over body image can lead to unhealthy eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

    Tell yourself you are working towards a healthier lifestyle. Then make the small changes that will lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. A great side effect of a healthier lifestyle is weight loss!


    3. Clean your environment (

    "Willpower is hard to attain, which is why if your house and office are loaded with foods that tempt you, you're starting with a disadvantage."

    It's time to clean house! We're not talking about dusting and sweeping. We're talking about taking inventory of your cupboards, pantry and fridge and tossing the junk foods and overprocessed meals that are making you thick and tired all the time!

    Got kids? Do them a favor and stock up on healthier snacks. And make it a point to buy them foods that don't appeal to you.


    4. Moderation is key (

    "People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but a key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation."

    Just because you're dieting doesn't mean you can't enjoy the occasional treat. By telling yourself that a certain meal or food group is off-limits, you're setting yourself up for failure. Healthy eating is all about allowing for snacks and the occasional treat.

    Be good most of the time and you'll do great over time. Weight loss is all about steady and slow, not fast and furious.

    Also be sure to eat proper portions. Don't be a member of the clean plate club -- especially when you are eating at a restaurant! Our bellies have grown with the portion sizes we're served.


    5. Anticipate problems before they occur (Psychology Today)

    "If you realize before you start the diet that there will be times when you will not be able to follow it, then you will avoid feeling guilty and angry with yourself."

    Baby, baby it's a wild world when we're trying to watch what we eat and lose weight. There's an endless carousel of obstacles in our way: Business trips, office goodies, dinner parties, vacations...

    Develop contingency plans and allow yourself the occasional splurge. Want a few wings at that Super Bowl party? Go for it. Just don't allow your indulgence to get out of hand or to occur too often.

    Okay, so now that you are armed with our 5 weight losing tips, it's time to take a shot at leading a healthier life -- one without the ailments and risks that accompany being overweight or obese.

    Author: John McGran

    Weight Loss Tips
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