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  1. 7 Proven Weight Loss Tips From a Conscientious Dieter

    Since I started working for major online dieting companies way back in January of 2000, I've come to realize that when it comes to the subjects of dieting and weight loss, millions of people the world around are starving for help.

    Computer work has allowed me to become friends with an army of health-minded individuals from countries near and far. One of the most unique individuals I've encountered (but never met... at least, not yet) is today's guest blogger, Katrina Pajarillo of the Philippines.

    Kassy is a conscientious young woman who has been through the ups and downs of dieting. On her journey to wellness, she's taken up surfing and running -- and she's worked hard to know what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.

    A while back I asked her to write for me. She agreed. And here is Kassy's first effort. Enjoy.

    7 Weight Loss Tips That Have Worked for Me

    For years, I have been on a journey towards change and recovery from health distress. Read on for a few health tips I have learned, the tools that have helped me bid farewell to numerous diet pills, protein shakes programs and other weight loss fads out in the market.

    1. Food Journal

    A food journal helps you monitor what you ate the entire day. But, in order to fully succeed on your journal, have the sub information included. Know your calorie deficits!

    a. Time

    Better if you get to eat 6x a day, every 3 hours. Boosts the metabolism! Fuel and burn!

    b. Mood

    What do you think was the reason you chose that food and how did you feel soon afterwards?

    c. Calories per serving

    Pay attention to those nutritional facts or you may also visit calorie counters online. If you can't find the numbers, base them accordingly and estimate an approximate count on what you just ate.

    d. Resolution

    After you've read and accomplished the day, what do you think of the choices you nourished yourself with? Any changes for you to make?

    2. Exercise Log

    Since most of us are either at work or school or both, every activity counts! Search through on the internet how much calories you may have just burnt over the course of you standing, or walking from point A to point B. Include as well the time you had your formal exercise on your schedule.

    Tip: Have a good mile or two in the morning then have two to three miles during the evening (if you can). Add two miles every week or have 10-30 second sprints every now and then.

    Maximize your free will to write in your journal and ask friends or fellow dieters to comment, salute and back you up on your quest. There's nothing like having an army of support!

    3. iPod or other Music Player

    Beats per minute! Beats per second! Maximize those mp3 players to include fitness podcasts and listen to each episode when you're idle, on your way home or heading to work. Upload a mega powersong that always gts you in the mood to dance. That way you'll be motivated to run with much spunk!

    4. Sleep

    Did you know that sleeping for straight 8 hours may burn 600 extra calories? Isn't that awesome? Our body needs rest. If you need to have few naps to get enough sleep time, do so. Power naps are great for those who are trying to regain and gain their endurance as well as adrenaline.

    5. Forgive yourself

    A one day slip-up isn't going to be that bad. Pick up the pieces, review what you've done, what you did and then start over. We're human not robots. Strive to break bad habits and celebrate little improvements. It takes action, practice and continuous re-evaluation. Be as forgiving to yourself as you would be to others!

    6. Knowledge is power

    Read. Read some more. And share your wisdom. This way you'd be able to feel accountable to what you preach. There's a huge array of information online and in books and magazines. Seek it out. I'm sure we'll never run out of interesting reads.

    7. Feel comfortable about change

    Once life or your diet becomes uncomfortable it just means you're about to face change. KEEP ON GOING!. Change for the better, be on the game and crunch yourself to where you belong - the comfortable change.

    Thanks Kassy! Kassy describes herself as "an intrepid student of life. I never stop learning and will never close the book till I've achieved my personal best. I am always moving and have an endless passion to finish what has been started."

    Got any great dieting tips you'd like to share? Email them to me, chief editor John McGran, at

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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