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  1. 7 Tips for Better Digestion, More Effective Weight Loss

    Seven has always been considered a lucky number, so how about we make today your lucky days and roll out seven great tips for improving your digestion so you can feel better and diet more effectively?

    It sounds cliche but small changes like these can lead to big accomplishments.

    While none of these seven suggestions are difficult to follow, they sure can lead you to a better body and a better life.

    The Simple 7 Steps to a Better You

    Chew more!

    Many health experts believe that if you don't chew your food long enough you put your digestive system under stress. And any kind of stress is bad for your health and your diet.

    Slow down!

    Just about the worst thing you can do at mealtime is to sit down and gobble your food. Easy does it! Keep focused on how fast you are eating. And don't be afraid to put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls. This will not only help your digestive system, but it will also lead you to eat less, as your brain will catch up with your food intake and alert your stomach it is full!

    Stress less!

    Theresa Cheung, author of The Lemon Juice Diet, says, "Your stomach and intestines are very sensitive to stress, and when you feel anxious your digestion shuts down to help your body focus on preparing the flight-and-fight response."

    So do yourself a favor and chill out whenever possible. Know that a lot of what we stress over never plays out as bad as we fear.

    Anger management!

    Anger is a close cousin of stress -- and it too can quickly screw up your digestive system and the way your body treats the food you eat. Try counting to 10... try meditating... try deep breaths... Do whatever it takes to be in a relaxed and calm state at mealtime.

    Stay awake!

    Never eat when you're tired... mentally or physically! It's also a wise move to never eat within three hours of bedtime. To operate efficiently, your body needs to be resting not digesting!

    Flick off the boob tube!

    When we eat while watching TV or working at our computer, we're not really ever thinking about what we're stuffing in our mouth. It's mindless eating at its worst. The end result is often that we eat way too much. Overeating makes the heart pump harder. It also overworks your stomach and digestive tract.

    Get moving!

    While exercise alone won't make you lose any significant weight, it can work wonders while you are eating properly. Regular aerobic activity -- and by regular we mean at least 30 minutes of activity that makes you breathe a littler harder and sweat a little more -- is a must 5-6 days a week. It helps stimulate the muscles of your digestive system and enables you to digest food better... and get rid of waste more efficiently.

    There you have it -- seven simple steps to an improved digestive system and a better body!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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