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  1. 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

    I succeeded in finding a scale and performing my first weigh-in yesterday, which happened to be the first day of my brand new diet. I had feared my starting weight would sicken me. Happily, I was wrong.

    Although the digital readout said I weigh 236 pounds the number actually made me smile... and not because I stand 6-foot-8 and 236 is a good weight for me. I am only 5-foot-7.

    But I still managed to smile because 236 means I am several pounds LIGHTER than the last time I got motivated to lose some weight! I am traditionally the stereotypical yo-yo dieter -- a guy who gains back more weight than he loses.

    I am psyched for success and I plan to use the scale just once a week; daily weigh-ins are mentally detrimental to the dieter because there are too many fluctuations day to day.

    If you want to monitor my progress check back each Wednesday because weigh-in will take place first thing in the morning.

    In other exciting news, I actually went for a 30-minute walk around the 'hood this morning -- and I took my dog Scruffy with me. Lord knows my 100-pound golden retriever can use a little activity too!

    A new morn... a new norm

    Morning walks will now become the norm for me and Scruffy. Quick and effective workouts will soon follow.

    Okay, so let's get to today's topic -- 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss Resolution. This Mr. Bad Food feature appeared in Diet-to-Go's January newsletter, so I will link to it from here.

    I hope you are receiving and enjoying our free monthly newsletter. I think it's a high-quality publication, from its look to its content. If you aren't receiving our newsletter, click here and sign up now.

    Now, check out Mr. Bad Food's tips and keep your weight-loss resolution on track well into 2010! The link is

    uthor: John McGran

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