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  1. 7 Worst Excuses for Not Starting a Diet

    Wellness guru Alicia Kirschenheiter is here with the 7 worst excuses for not dieting.

    See how many you've used (or ARE using)... and learn how to overcome all seven.

    7 Worst Excuses for Not Starting a Diet

    1) I hate to cook!

    Join the crowd! I am no chef either. But the last time I checked I found all sorts of alternate choices out there -- from take-out or delivery to supermarket meals to quick recipes for one in under 10 minutes. Oh, and don't forget Diet-to-Go -- our meals come ready to heat and eat... and they're delicious too! There's always opportunity to make better choices if we look.

    2) There's no way I can give up...

    Okay you can fill in the blank with your choice of chocolate, ice cream, potato chips... Go ahead and pick your evil. The truth of the matter is that no real healthy lifestyle asks you to give up anything. Just know there is a big difference between ONE Oreo and THE WHOLE SLEEVE. Learning moderation and rewarding yourself with an occasional treat... well that's just life as it should be.

    3) I have no willpower!

    The decision to become healthier is your first step to real change. Looking for the right support system is crucial. Maybe you can find a friend, a neighbor, or a family member to team up with. I am all for a little professional help. Why not consider a trainer, a wellcoach or a nutritionist for some sound advice and motivation?

    4) I'll start for real tomorrow!

    This statement is usually uttered by the dieter who frequently falls off the wagon. Have you ever known anyone who ever started anything "tomorrow" to do well? Every moment is an opportunity to begin again. So what if your your food choices for the day tanked? There's still the opportunity for some good choices over dinner. Begin again. The best time to start is NOW.

    5) I live to eat, not eat to live!

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying your food. I can relate. I have never met a Mexican food that I didn't like. But the key to enjoying your food is to mindfully eat. Mindful eating means savoring each bite, recognizing it and enjoying it -- and stopping when no longer hungry. It's about the quality of each bite rather than the quantity of an entire buffet.

    6) I hate having to watch what I eat!

    Yup, this one has been said to me by a client. Sorry, but EVERYONE needs to watch what they eat. It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete or a child. We may not share the same dietary needs, but no one gets the free pass when it comes to healthy eating. A constant awareness of your food and the enjoyment of what it is you are eating can help lead to healthier practices.

    7) I had no idea there were so many calories in that!

    This is by far my favorite excuse. With all the information readily available today -- not to mention the actual serving size and calorie count of just about everything you purchase -- pleading ignorance is no excuse. I would rather have a client tell me that they made a decision to eat something bad for them than to have them attempt to pass along "I had no idea" excuse. Accepting the consequences of choosing to eat something high in fat and calories is far better than lamely pleading ignorance.

    Be well.


    Alicia is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and a Weight & Lifestyle Management consultant. The owner of Evolution Total Wellness in New York is also the author of "Oscar & Otis, Fat Fighters." For more information, visit

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