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  1. 8 Ways Diet-to-Go Ensures Food Safety


    For over 25 years, Diet-to-Go has met the very highest food safety standards that science and technology allow so that you can be confident that your meals are clean and safe to eat.

    We maintain a strictly controlled production kitchen following a set of standards and protocols that far surpass those of even commercial restaurant kitchens. This set of standards is called a HACCP Program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). And the program, which was originally designed by NASA to make sure food on space flights was safe, is what we follow every day. Here’s how!

    8 ways Diet-to-Go ensures your food safety every day:
    1. We maintain a thoroughly clean food space. Before the start of food production, we perform a complete washdown of all food contact surfaces, equipment, walls, floors, doors, and sinks, etc. with cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

    2. We double check our kitchen cleaning. After the washdown, a physical walkthrough by a supervisor with a checklist is performed before the start of any food handling.

      kitchen prep

    3. We dress for the occasion. Employees are dressed in clean lab coats, hairnets, aprons, sleeve protectors and gloves when working in the processing room.

    4. We wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands. Before the start of any food handling task, employees wash their hands prior to putting on gloves and they continue to wash hands and use new gloves throughout the day, before each different task and every time they leave their work area.

    5. We clean before we start, and we clean again in between each food task. We clean all food contact surfaces with quaternary sanitizer when each food handling task is finished and before the next task is started. Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds) are industrial-grade, multi-purpose sanitizers.


    6. We keep track of each task and assure we meet all food production protocols along the way. We identify and monitor our critical control points during every leg of the food production journey, including proper cooking temperatures and chilling times.

      production line

    7. We keep those refrigerators cold. No matter where you are fresh, delicious food, it all has one thing in common: It has to be kept cold before it can be heated to perfection and land on your plate. As soon as our chefs craft and cook the meals, they are flash frozen or refrigerated to ensure their tastiness and safety whenever you’re ready to pop them in the oven or microwave. We even use refrigerated trucks to transport meals. Literally every step of the way, your meals are maintained at the optimal temperature.

    8. We clean repeatedly! Before we start, between each food task, when we finish. We clean, and sanitize and clean some more! We clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces, equipment, utensils, containers, tubs, racks, trays, etc., throughout the production process.

    From food sourcing to meal delivery, our staff employ the highest food safety standards and best practices regarding food handling and preparation. There are a lot of health concerns on people’s plates. Diet-to-Go works to ensure that the safety of your meals isn’t one of them.


    Author: Chrissy Doremus

    Chrissy is a Diet-to-Go editor and contributor and co-owner of Two Clever Sisters, LLC. She is enthusiastically raising a whole-food-loving family in the suburbs of NYC with her husband, where her guilty pleasures include Pinterest and half-baked brownies (preferably together). When it comes to fitness, she simply likes to move often and lift heavy things, but has been known to stop mid-workout to pop into a Zumba class when she hears her favorite song - because healthy living should be FUN!


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