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  1. 9 Wellness Vacations You Deserve to Take


    You’ve fought hard to get where you are. It’s taken commitment, inner strength and a whole lot of grit.

    You deserve a reward — make it a wellness-themed vacation.

    Wellness vacations are vacations that center around your health and wellness through exercise and activity.

    They’re the perfect getaway to celebrate your newfound health— maybe even take it to the next level. We’ve rounded up the best 9 wellness vacations you deserve to take (really).


    Red Mountain Resort

    1275 E. Red Mountain Circle Ivins
    Ivins, Utah 84738

    Phone: 1-877-246-4453


    Why you should visit: There’s something about Zion National Park in Utah that will have you picking your jaw up off the floor when you see it for the first time. Its soaring peaks and expansive landscape of vivid red rock cliffs and canyons is like something from another world.
    And Red Mountain Resort is just the place to explore it.

    Wellness accolades: Explore the miles and miles of nearby trails by mountain bike. Head to nearby Bryce Canyon National Park and go for a hike around the Fairyland Loop. Go on one of Red Mountain’s excursions for a horseback ride through the canyons, a kayaking trip down the river or really go all-out with and rock climb in the St. George area.
    Red Mountain also has full-on wellness retreat packages, on-site personal trainers and offers cardio, strength, dance, yoga and water workouts on-site.
    In the evenings, relax in Red Mountain’s spa, go for a nice swim in their pool or enjoy southwestern cuisine at the Canyon Breeze restaurant.


    The Ranch at Live Oak

    12220 Cotharin Rd.
    Malibu, California 90265

    Phone: 1-877-777-2177


    Why you should visit: Malibu is known for being homes to the who’s who of Hollywood, its pristine white sand beaches, tropical climate and, inland, its stunning trails that weave through breathtaking canyons, waterfalls and grasslands. The Ranch at Live Oak gives visitors to enjoy all that in a structured environment solely dedicated to promoting all-around, natural wellness. And they do one heck of a job at it.

    Wellness accolades: From the minute you step foot on The Ranch, you’re taken into a mental, physical and spiritual journey of personal awareness, detoxification and healthy living. The Ranch offers a guided fitness regime and shows you proper nutrition and how you can use nature to find inner peace. While there, you’ll take daily morning hikes, participate in daily fitness sessions with trainers, tour an organic garden and take a cooking class, receive a daily massage and eat a wholesome, 1,400-calorie-per-day diet.

    Canyon Ranch

    Multiple locations

    Phone: 844.860.4662


    Why you should visit: There’s something about relaxing on a cruise ship with the ocean rolling gently beneath you — no worries about what you’re going to eat, where you’ll find entertainment, what’s going on in the outside world. Cruise ships are popular for a reason, and when it comes to incorporating wellness into the mix, Canyon Ranch is no exception.

    Wellness accolades: Canyon Ranch has received countless awards for its approach to wellness, which involves a wholesome mind-body experience and exceptional service that gives you the ability to savor every moment. While there, staff will help you establish healthy goals and learn how to keep those goals beyond your vacation. An entire team of professionals — physicians, personal trainers, nutritionists, you name it — work with you day-in and day-out to teach your overall wellness and how to make healthy habits a part of your life.


    Big Sky Resort

    50 Big Sky Resort Rd.,
    Big Sky, Montana 59716

    Phone: 1-800-548-4486


    Why you should visit: There’s no shortage of places to ski and snowboard in the U.S., but Big Sky Resort is something special. There’s a reason high-profile visitors like former President Barack Obama and former vice president Joe Biden have graced it. Since its founding in 1976, Big Sky over the years has built itself into a world-class resort, including lift additions, expanded terrain, a conference center, better lodging and more — all set in the beautiful mountain backdrop.

    Wellness accolades: Because Big Sky is a ski resort, this may seem like a “well, duh!” but keep in mind not all ski resorts are created equal. Big Sky offers more than 5,800 acres and 4,350 vertical feet, as well as runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. The minute you get there, you’re going to want to spend every waking hour hitting the slopes and exercising. Even if skiing isn’t your thing, summer activities at Big Sky run the gamut, too. There’s tons of ziplines, a ropes course, shooting sports, children’s activities and miles and miles of mountain trails to explore.


    The Ashram

    2025 McKain St.,
    Calabasas, CA 91302

    Phone: 1-818-222-6900


    Why you should visit: Only a few short miles from Malibu and Los Angeles is a secluded Santa Monica mountain resort that’s tucked along a coastal coastline with a gentle stream nearby. The Ashram is dedicated to making wellness simple, and that’s reflected in the informal lodgings, which includes lodging with fellow guests and enjoying dinner together on a long wooden table. It’s the ultimate warm, cozy atmosphere that builds the community so essential to healthy living.

    Wellness accolades: The Ashram is all about community, and that’s a big part of how they tackle wellness during the retreat. Besides shared lodging, you’ll meditate together in a yoga dome, enjoy evenings in a shared, comfy living room area, swim together in a warm pool and enjoy a relaxing massage from an expert masseuse. Plus, all meals served are nutritious and vegetarian. Ultimately, while going on hikes, doing daily fitness sessions and learning to take wellness beyond the retreat, you’ll reconnect with yourself in a way you’d never thought possible.

    Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

    5700 East McDonald Dr.
    Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253

    Phone: 1-855.245.2051


    Why you should visit: Along the barren landscape of the Phoenix desert is a towering peak known as Camelback Mountain, and it’s there you’ll find the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, just the place to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. The resort has it all — private estate homes, casitas, suites, you name it. The resort itself is actually embedded into Camelback Mountain, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

    Wellness accolades: Camelback Mountains mission is for you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Besides its Asian-inspired spa and healthy dining straight from the kitchen of Food Network star Executive Chef Beau MacMillan, you’ll find guided hikes, a golf course and the option to train with Olympic triathletes.



    108 Yogaville Way
    Buckingham, VA 23921

    Phone: 1-800-858-9642


    Why you should visit: There’s literally no better place in probably the entire country where you’ll find total peace and tranquility than right here in Yogaville. Yogaville is based around the concept of integral yoga, meaning it synthesizes all the branches of yoga into one lifestyle, with the aim of touching on every aspect of the individual. The resort has several sacred sites for every occasion: worship, meditation and celebrations — all in a beautiful, serene setting.

    Wellness accolades: The mission at Yogaville speaks for itself, and luckily, there’s staff that will guide you every step of the way. They’ll lead you in explorations of health, spiritual inquiry, joy and creativity. You’ll learn new skills or expand on the ones you already have. Plus, all cuisine is organic vegetarian for you to enjoy as you slow down and explore yourself with depth and focus.

    Rancho Valencia

    5921 Valencia Cir.
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

    Phone: 1-858-756-1123


    Why you should visit: If you can’t make your way to the Mediterranean, this is the next best thing. Tucked in 45 acres of lush gardens and olive groves is the newly renovated Rancho Valencia, which includes guest casitas with private patios, meeting areas, a new restaurant and bar and upgrades to the resort’s luxurious spa and fitness center.

    Wellness accolades: The food philosophy at Rancho Valencia is farm-to-table, meaning every ingredient is fresh and turned into spectacular dishes at one of the resort’s two restaurants. Beyond that, the resort has a program dedicated to wellness and fitness and Tennis Magazine has named it Southern California’s No. 1 tennis resort since 2008. Tennis is a big thing there, and its accommodations are perfect for any skill level.


    New Life Hiking Spa

    9747, 2617 Killington Rd.,
    Killington, Vermont 05751

    Phone: 802-353-2954


    Why you should visit: There’s a lush greenness and fresh air that you’ll only find in the mountains of Vermont. And tucked in among all those towering trees, flowering plants and bubbling brooks is New Life Hiking Spa, a resort dedicated to showing guests how to live stress-free through natural exercise, healthy eating and relaxation. New Life is often described as like “camp for adults” because of its fun vibe and dedication to keeping guests active and engaged.

    Wellness accolades: As the name suggests, there’s really no better place to take guided hikes for people of all levels through the stunning scenery afforded by the Vermont mountains. Guests can go on 2-4 mile beginner hikes along mostly flat trails; intermediate, 4-6 mile hikes along wooded trails with lookouts and waterfalls; or on vigorous, challenging hikes to elevations over 4,000 feet. In between, New Life Hiking Spa offers yoga classes, healthy living lectures, massages, a pool and tasty, nutritious meals.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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