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  1. The ABC's of a Healthier Lifestyle

    School's back in session and there's no better time to enroll your family in a healthier lifestyle. What's that... you say you don't have time to fit in fitness for you and your family? NONSENSE! That kind of talk could earn you a dunce cap and a seat in the corner.

    Seriously, all it takes is a few minutes here and there to come up with a fitness plan that'll both entertain and energize your children -- and set them on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

    It really is as easy as ABC.

    I'm Ms. Havey and I'm here to teach you a few can't-miss tricks.

    Fit in these quick 5-minute burst of energy 6 times a day and before you know it you'll have done 30 minutes of exercise -- and worked towards healthier hearts for everyone!

    Eyes on the board!

    A is for Awaken!

    Awaken a little earlier and start your day with 5 minutes of jumping jacks, jump rope and sit-ups! No matter how much the kids howl and protest, they'll be in better moods after finishing their eye-opening bout of exercise.

    B is for Bicycle!

    Lead your family on a daily bike ride. You don't have to head for the mountains to benefit. A short jaunt around the neighborhood will get your lungs working and blood pumping -- and improve your family's overall fitness fast. I promise that the kids will soon look forward to pedaling with mom and pop and demand longer trips.

    C is for Catch!

    Grab a football, basketball, soccer ball or baseball and get the kids in on the game. Tossing or booting a ball for 5 minutes will offer a nice break from work or TV. It'll also clear the mind and help everyone sleep better. There is a catch: The kids will beg for more activity like this!


    D is for Doggie!

    It may sound crazy, but get the kids to crawl around the yard on all fours for a few minutes at a time. Don't laugh. Many world-class athletes train this way. It's not only fun but it works all the muscles at the same time. Be sure to get down and dirty too. Everyone will get a good laugh as the kids run circles around their parents.

    E is for Energizer Bunny!

    Grab a makeshift drum (pots and pans will do nicely) and lead a loud parade around the house, banging away as you march. Yes it's loud, but it'll be music to your ears when the kids laugh and sing and thank you for such a fun break from their schoolwork.

    F is for Facedown!

    Quick, drop and gimme 5 minutes -- it's end of day push-up time! Sure, push-ups are work -- that's why we saved them for last. See how many push-ups everyone can do in 5 minutes. Then try to do ONE more repetition the next day. Keep it up and in no time your children will become lean, mean push-up machines! Oh, and you'll notice a tighter torso and more muscular arms on you!

    How many more letters can you add to our fitness alphabet? Please go to the Community Forum and share your ideas.

    Julia is the author of the bestselling weight loss books, Awaken the Diet Within (Warner Books) and The Vice Busting Diet (St. Martin's Press). She has been endorsed by Oprah's Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. David L. Katz! Having lost and kept off 130 pounds, Julia not only offers effective advice, but she knows firsthand that her advice works! Learn more at

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