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  1. Are You Up for a Weight Loss Challenge?

    For the past several years, Diet-to-Go has been a proud sponsor – and food provider – for several weight loss challenges, including the just-underway 2010 Extreme BBrickover Couples Weight Loss Challenge.

    Not everyone is lucky enough to be chosen for a fully sponsored weight loss challenge, but that doesn't mean you can't take matters in hand and organize your own challenge with a few friends or co-workers.

    Why a weight loss challenge? Well, for starters it provides plenty of motivation to stick with your diet plan and fitness routine. No one wants to step on a scale in front of others and see that they've gained weight! 

    Before I give you a few pointers on how you can organize your very own weight loss challenge, check out the info on the exciting Extreme BBrickover challenge:

    Brick Bodies/Lynne Brick's, ABC2 (Maryland's WMAR-TV) and Diet-to-Go are joining forces for an 8-week Couples Weight Loss Challenge that will pay out $15,000 in total cash and prizes!

    The exciting weight loss challenge will feature six couples pitted in head-to-head competition to see which twosome can trim down the most.

    Brick Bodies/Lynne Brick's will provide the fitness trainers and workout facilities, ABC2 will air live weekly updates, and Diet-to-Go will once again serve up the perfectly portioned meals for all contestants.

    Cash prizes include $5,000 for the first-place team, $3,000 for second place and $2,000 for third place.

    For more information and to meet this year's contestants, click here.

    Organizing your own weight loss challenge

    According to “The first step is to identify others who would like to participate, and the second step is to define the rules of the weight loss competition. Then you simply set a start date and an end date and off you go.”

    Sounds fairly simple so far. If you want to keep all factors fairly even, you may want to consider having the contestants follow the same diet. The Diet-to-Go meal plans are the ideal way to make sure everyone has access to the same great foods in the proper portions.

    Of course, you can also make the diet part “every man for himself” and let each challenger be responsible for his or her own food. says, “The best kind of competition will emerge when most people have a similar amount of weight to lose, say 10 or 15 pounds and then the winning criteria becomes very simple – the one who loses the most weight by the deadline wins. But even if one person only wants to lose 5 pounds and another wants to lose 50 you can still set it up as a competition, just reframe the winning criteria. For example, the winner can be the one who maintains any weight loss for the duration of the contest.

    “The rules of the weight loss competition should be built around the group environment. If you are holding your competition at work you can do a weigh in every Monday morning to mark progress. If you are competing with friends outside of work you will want to arrange it at a time when everyone can meet. That may or may not be once a week. You can do interim updates via email or over the phone.

    “The weight loss competition doesn’t have to be a cut-throat serious competition, after all the primary purpose is really just to find a stimulus to help you achieve your goal.”

    Okay, so now that you have a few guidelines start enlisting fellow challengers. You can do a couples competition like the Extreme BBrickover Challenge or you can opt for balanced teams or even singles!

    If you organize a weight loss challenge, let us know how it goes. You can write Diet-to-Go chief editor John McGran at

    Good luck!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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