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  1. BOOK NOOK: Single-Step Weight Loss Solution

    The Diet-to-Go Book Nook is back and today we're showcasing Nicki Anderson's Single-Step Weight Loss Solution (Healthy Learning).

    I've worked with Nicki for the past decade and have always valued her insightful advice and sane approach to losing weight and getting fit.

    So check out Mr. Bad Food's 10 questions for Nicki, then get yourself a copy of Single-Step Weight Loss Solution by clicking here.

    As you read Nicki's comments please keep in mind that Diet-to-Go is not your typical "diet" -- we are a meal company with food that meets the health guidelines set forth by major organizations like American Dietetic Association and American Heart Association.

    A great side effect of eating our delicous food just happens to be weight loss!

    The 10 Questions

    1. Why can't we stick with diets?

    There are no sustaining programs that provide ongoing, personal support that encourage lifestyle compatibility. In other words, due to varied lifestyles and one-size-fits-all programming, typical "diets" lack the options available to make programs sustainable.

    Additionally, motivation is often lacking. If people aren't losing weight quick enough, they ditch the diet, vs. programming that would have a motivational component that would keep people excited about the other benefits that they're receiving and reinforcing health benefits vs. simply weight loss.

    2. What is the biggest mistake we make when trying to start a new weight loss plan?

    Dreams of fast and easy and believing that one diet will cure it all.

    3. What is the formula for weight loss?

    Boring but true, regular exercise, quality and quantity of food, and the mental focus on living a life that will enhance the quality of life. Regardless of how healthy food is portions and quantity are still very, very important.

    4. Have you ever dieted or are you one of those "naturally thin" people?

    I lost 50 pounds over 25 years ago and kept it off. Every day I work to maintain a healthy body. Some days are better than others. But I remember how cumbersome it was to be heavier, and my activity level was very limited. Being healthy allows me to pick and choose my activities and that's a bonus for me.

    5. You tell us to "shift our thinking" about food. I been thinking this way for 50 years now, so how can you expect to teach this old dog new tricks?

    Yeah, that's a tough one which is why it is so vitally important to stay away from "this is the ONE diet that will work for you" mindset. There are bits and pieces of diets that are worth implementing and ultimately you need to make the changes that make the most sense for your personality and lifestyle.

    Additionally, you've got to take your genetics into consideration. Not everyone is meant to be tall and thin, self included. Many people who have gone through dramatic surgeries gain it back because that is not the body that is normal for their genetic make-up.

    You've GOT to take in to consideration your genetics and then make the changes based on being HEALTHY not skinny.

    6. What are the foods I should always avoid? What are the foods I need to always include in my diet?

    FRIED FOODS are bad, bad, bad. Next time you order fries, just think of getting a pack of cigarettes and once you finish the ciggies, you can stuff it with fries. It's the same thing in my opinion. I don't care what fat they fry them in.

    Also, processed foods but one thing at a time. Banish fried foods first.

    As for the foods you should always include: Think color, fruits and veggies and be creative. Don't think of just the traditional carrots and celery... BORING! Explore and try new fruits and veggies.

    Also, fish is great and ideally wild fish vs. farm raised, but again, cost is king and tuna in a can will do.

    7. Isn't it all about calories? I saw an article that said diet type doesn't really matter... at the end of the day it's calories that matter!

    Bottom line: Calories in and calories out. Yes it's a math equation. But it's also your chemistry, how your body burns calories and/or utilizes them. You can exercise until the cows come home, but if you're overeating and eating the wrong things, your body will not respond.

    8. What are the 3 biggest nutrition myths?

    Rice cakes are healthy. Ugh!

    Fat-Free is the best way to lose weight.

    Being a vegetarian is the best way to lose weight.

    9. What are the 3 biggest fitness myths?

    Cardio is the secret to weight loss.

    Strength training will bulk you up.

    Running is the best way to lose weight.

    10. Can I lose weight without working out? And can I lose weight by simply adding a workout to my life?

    Hmmm, great questions. The bottom line is people are just not active naturally, thanks to computers and 10,000 TV channels. So it's tough.

    But I suppose if you're completely sedentary and you add stairs at work and parking farther away, those would have an effect on your lifestyle and weight.

    Would they get you to a healthy weight? It would be a great start.

    You must expend more calories than you consume if you are to lose weight and unfortunately most people consume more than they expend due to lifestyle.

    Thanks Nicki! For more about Nicki and her philosophy go to To buy the book click here.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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