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    The Diet-to-Go Carb 30 menu is a great option for people who understand the benefits of a low-carb diet. The Diet-to-Go Carb 30 menu is formulated to include just 30 net carbs and offers a variety of delicious, restaurant-quality meals including: Chicken Soufflé and Prime Rib for dinner, Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese and Beef Casserole for lunch and Pork Chops and Western Omelet for breakfast.

    The science behind the diet

    When you enjoy an Atkins-style low-carb diet, your body goes into a fat burning mode known as "dietary ketosis”. While in ketosis, the body produces ketones which are thought to have an appetite suppressant effect. Many people report losing between one and six pounds per week with our Carb 30 meal plan!

    When large amounts of ketones are produced, your body can become quickly dehydrated; therefore it is important to drink plenty of water.

    Rules for maximizing weight-loss while on the Carb 30 diet

    Eating a low-carb diet is a total lifestyle transformation. Counting calories is not an issue but any additional food and drinks should follow the low-carb eating pattern. It is important to understand that adding anything with sugar will derail the ketosis process.

    You will want to avoid anything containing extra carbs or sugars, including:

    • Fruit
    • Yogurt
    • Desserts
    • Sugary drinks
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Starchy veggies (corn, potatoes, yams, carrots, etc.)
    • Grains (rice, bread, pasta, tortillas, etc.)

    Now that you know what you can’t eat, let’s focus on what you can eat:

    • Meat
    • Cheese
    • Fresh, marinated or cooked vegetables

    Here are some satisfying low-carb snack options:

    • Nuts
    • Olives
    • String cheese
    • Celery
    • Deli sliced meats
    • Cucumber slices
    • Sugar-free nut butter
    • Marinated artichoke hearts
    • Sliced or cubed cheddar cheese
    • Eggs in most forms (hard-boiled, deviled, scrambled)

    Low-carb dieting can be difficult with all the restrictions and carb counting. Diet-to-Go makes it delicious and easy with the Carb 30 meal plan! 


    Author: Kristen Ciuba
    Kristen is a Nutritionist at Diet-to-Go, based in Lorton, VA. She tries to “practice what she preaches” by fitting in healthy foods and cooking, challenging exercise, and quality time with family and friends every day!  


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