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  1. Check out Bo: He's Lost 39 lbs. with Diet-to-Go!

    When it comes to weight loss, Bo knows dieting. As part of his job as a radio personality, the Louisiana man got to try just about every hot diet that hit the market.

    But now that Bo is off the air and dieting on his own dime, he's tuned into the best tasting, easiest-to-follow diet he could find - and he's dropped a super 39 pounds!

    The program that Bo says gives him the most bang for his buck: Diet-to-Go.

    "Diet-to-Go has been a great tool to jump-start my weight loss and I'm proof that it works if you work it," Bo says. "I'm still hovering around the 40-pound mark and I'm satisfied with that.

    "The food is very good, and the plan is convenient and easy to follow."

    You said a mouthful Bo.

    At a time when money is tight, more and more overweight Americans are joining Bo and turning to Diet-to-Go. The company, now in its 19th year, serves up quality food at an affordable price.

    That commitment has sold Bo and thousands of other health-minded men and women.

    "I look better, I feel better and I'm happier for it," Bo says. "Start your transformation today. If you've tried all the other diets and failed why not try DTG and succeed!"

    Bo turned to Diet-to-Go for help last January after stepping on his scale and seeing the numbers spin to 258 pounds. The 5-foot-9 production manager for Clear Channel Broadcasting in New Orleans was just five pounds from his all-time high weight and knew he needed to get the scale needle moving south again... and fast.

    "I had allowed my previous weight loss to slip away and my body numbers weren't looking very good," he says. "I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol and other blood numbers were too high.

    "I knew I didn't want to go back to NutriSystem. That had worked for me twice before but I did not want to eat that stuff anymore.

    "I was paying for my own diet this time and I wanted something I could live with cost-wise and taste-wise. Then I found Diet-to-Go and started with the low-fat meals."

    Bo said he first cleared his new diet with his doctor, who went online to check out what Diet-to-Go was bringing to the table. Not only was his physician impressed with the Diet-to-Go program, but she then began recommending it to her other patients in need of weight loss.

    As Bo's weight lowered, so did his cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

    No surprise there. The low-fat meals meet or exceed the guidelines of major medical organizations like the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association.

    "I just had my blood work done in October - it was my annual physical to keep my insurance coverage in effect," Bo says. "For the first time in as long as I can recall I had no readings in the outer range. That includes blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol."

    Bo has become a big believer in the one-two punch of healthy diet and regular exercise.

    "Increased activity is the best way to break through a weight loss plateau, but it doesn't have to be time spent in a gym," he says.

    "I have made a lot of little changes - like taking stairs rather than the elevator - and it has led to big changes for my health."

    Bo's advice to those in need of weight loss:

    --Make a commitment in your mind. You really need to start with the proper mindset or your efforts are doomed to failure.

    --Do your research. Find a diet that is a good fit for YOU. Don't be lured into a weight loss plan pitched by a celebrity who was paid to follow that particular plan.

    --Take it one day at a time. You can quit cigarettes. You can quit drinking. But you can't quit eating. You need to tweak your relationship with food and stay the course each and every day.

    Bo says his weight loss has slowed a bit, but he is okay with that. He is maintaining the 39 pounds he's lost and weathering a perfect storm of factors that could submarine a man without a plan.

    "Once my life gets more settled, I know I will get back on track to a lower weight," he says. "And I know I'll do it with Diet-to-Go."

    For more on Bo's journey to wellness, check out his blog at

    To get started on your journey to a healthier weight, go to

    Author: John McGran

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