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  1. The Chef Suggests: Our Top 5 Egg Dishes

    A few years ago we scrambled to upgrade our Traditional Low Fat menu with some really delicious, hot breakfasts. These egg-themed entrees have been wildly popular ever since. While some customers choose to savor their special breakfasts with their morning paper on the weekends, others cart them to the office where they eat well while making everyone else jealous of their scrumptiously healthy morning meal. Whipped up from honest-to-goodness real eggs, these fluffy and flavorful egg dishes go from fridge to breakfast plate in just two minutes! Easter season has passed, but there's no reason not to go hopping down the bunny trail searching for a few good eggs. Check out our chef's five favorites: Greek Burrito: It's all you ever wanted in a breakfast burrito... and much, much more. Feta cheese and black olives round out the Mediterranean-inspired masterpiece. Breakfast Pizza: In our younger days, we thought a few slices of cold pizza comprised a breakfast made in heaven. We now know that honor goes to our Breakfast Pizza tossed together with chicken, tomato, peppers, tomato sauce and scrambled eggs on a pita shell. Tomato Mushroom Omelet: This wonderful cheese-filled omelet is topped with chopped tomatoes and sauce, onions, green peppers and mushrooms. It's savory and eggs-tremely satisfying! Egg & Broccoli Pie: Our chef friend B.J. Ram borrowed from his New Zealand upbringing to craft the wonderful flax seed pie shell that's the foundation for this flavorful dish. The eggs-traordinary filling is basically a broccoli and cheese quiche! Egg Quesadilla: This has to be one of the best breakfasts in history. This incredible edible meal boasts eggs, cheese, peppers and onions... all rolled inside a warm, soft tortilla. Making a good thing better: the tangy potato cake and citrus cup on the side! We love these five menu choices just the way they are, but Chef John Stewart dares you to fire up four taste buds by sprinkling a little hot sauce on each of them! What's your favorite Diet-to-Go egg breakfast? Tell us about it at the new and improved Diet-to-Go community forum.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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