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    Diet-to-Go Customer Reviews

    At Diet-to-Go, we are blessed to have customers who engage with us on a daily basis.

    Whether it’s in our Facebook community, on our Facebook page, through Twitter, via email or over the phone, people are constantly sharing with us their successes, struggles and feedback.

    And we listen.

    Every day, our dedicated team of chefs, nutritionists, customer service representatives and in-house dietitian read, hear and adapt to improve your experience.

    We rounded up some of our favorite comments, things that truly represent customers and their experience with the Diet-to-Go program.

    And thank you to all of you who are a part of the Diet-to-Go family for being so honest and open with us!

    Real Thoughts from Real Diet-to-Goers

    Diet-to-Go Customer ReviewsJust started 7 day plan this week.. so far yummy food and good portions.

    Fran G., Facebook


    The last time I did DTG, I lost nearly 40 lbs* . I kept it off until this past winter, when the scale started to creep back up. The problem is that I cook great healthy meals, but when left to my own devices, portion control goes out the window. So when the scale trends upward, I rely on DTG to get myself back on track. The food is good, the tastes are varied, and you can easily customize online.

    Lori V., Facebook

    I recently signed up for Diet-to-Go's 5 day a week, lunch and dinner plan. I was skeptical, to be honest. I'm a 53 year old man, who works a lot, goes to school, and helps care for an elderly relative. I'm also a type-2 diabetic. I signed up mostly for convenience, and to eat better food than fast food in my crazy busy life. … I was worried the portions would be tiny, and I'm a 260 pound man. But so far, the portions have been pretty decent. … The freshness, and the awesome preparations so far have really impressed me. So much great flavor. … Thanks for making my life easier, and for helping me be healthier!

    Eric K., Facebook

    This is my second time with Diet-to-Go. Last time was 2014. The food is amazing and doesn't taste [like a] diet. … Highly recommend for ppl who need to take control of their calories. Don't be deprived - eat this food!!!

    Emily B., Facebook

    I love the option that you can substitute meals if you choose to.

    Allison L., Facebook

    I am 2 1/2 weeks in on the Diet-to-Go and I love the taste of the food that I have picked so far. My body does feel and look better. I even lost three pounds since my last doctors visit in May when I was sick.

    Renee B., Diet-to-Go Community

    So I'm finishing up my 2nd week of food and I am really pleased with the tastiness of it for the most part. I will be making substitutions along the way and I am glad that is an easy thing to do.

    Terri R., Diet-to-Go Community

    I was tempted to eat out at a Mexican restaurant today, but I didn't cave. Instead, I ate the diet-to-go turkey burrito dinner at home. It was so delicious!

    Shelley D., Diet-to-Go Community

    [Diet-to-Go] hit it out of the ballpark again.. had the Waldorf Chicken for lunch today.. AMAZING.. IMPRESSED!!!

    Toney L., Twitter

    My parents got their meals for years! I recommend.

    Liz, Twitter

    In 1 month I lost 8 pounds* and the condiments in my refrigerator are now organized! (The containers had to be used for something, lol) Thank you Diet-to-Go!

    Stephanie F., Diet-to-Go Community

    Seriously feeling awesome and can't wait for week three! Love this community really helps to keep going no matter what!

    Erin B., Diet-to-Go Community

    Just weighed myself and I'm down 5 lbs since Tuesday morning around the same time (3rd shifter)! I'm doing the low carb LD program and as a carbaholic/foodie this was just the encouragement I needed not to cheat. Surprised by how good the food is too.

    Alexandra K., Diet-to-Go Community

    2 weeks in and 8lbs lost* - love the DTG Carb 30! Will do a few swaps but for most part everything has been pretty good...... Added a personal trainer in the mix and now on my way!

    Stephanie T., Diet-to-Go Community

    When I first ordered Diet-to-Go, I thought to myself that this may be another temporary diet fad. It's been a little over a month, and I've been on the Balanced Diet (lunch and dinner, 5 days a week), and I actually and surprisingly lost 10lbs* without even exercising. The food is good, but what I like the most is portion control. I had no idea that I could be full on a 400-calorie meal! My friends and family have noticed a change in my body, they say I keep looking slimmer and slimmer.

    Sarah B., Diet-to-Go Community

    I have been on the Diet-To-Go Carb 30 diet for about a month now and have lost 16 pounds*. Also, my blood glucose levels have dropped enough that I have quit taking 1 of 2 diabetes meds that I have been taking for years.

    Jim W., Diet-to-Go Community

    I have been very happy with the meals, 9 pounds down in 3 weeks*. Food is good and full of crunchy grains and sprouts, which I love!

    Yvonne V., Diet-to-Go Community

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    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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