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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: 12 Cheap Ways to Stay Healthy

    It's been a few weeks since your last fix of Diet Blog Carnival, but the greatest show on dieting and healthy living is back in town. This week, we're featuring five more great blogs submitted by readers just like you.

    This week's hot topics include saving money while food shopping, 12 cheap ways to stay healthy, and disciplined disobedience while you diet!

    We love the many varied submissions you send us, so please keep your eyes open for blogs that have to do with healthy living, diet, fitness, motivation or nutrition... and send them to us here at!

    Today's Top 5

    Disciplined Disobedience

    This really hit home for me because I blew my own diet today - in a big way... The trouble started when I started craving a burger from a chain called Smashburger. I don't know if you have one of these in your city, but somehow we have one in Dayton, and these are truly the best burgers I've ever had. Even better: you can get one with guacamole. And the fries? Holy cow, they come with garlic and rosemary on them-completely irresistible...

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    3 Quick Steps to Home Gardening in Small Spaces

    There's no denying the benefits of a home garden. It provides healthy, organic food that spends mere minutes traveling from plot to plate, ensuring freshness that translates to more nutrients. Furthermore, a home garden means exercise, outdoor time, and savings at the grocery store. But, unfortunately, planting that plot can seem a little like skydiving. Everyone wants to be the kind of person who does it, but when you're faced with the actual prospect, it suddenly seems incredibly daunting...

    I'm back from vacation! And I feel awful. Really, really awful. So why do I feel so terrible? Well, I figured that just for a week, I could give everyone a break from The Svelte Gourmet kitchen... So theme park food plus roadtrip stops plus drive-thrus plus Easter candy plus nary a chicken breast equals what? Lethargic, puffy and miserable! I feel like I did my own "supersize me" experiment. I did a quick mental recap of our diet last week, and I realized that we ate mostly high fat meats (if you can call a hot dog meat!), fried madness (more than one funnel cake... seriously?!), and an unreal amount of sodium. And virtually no fiber at all!
    When it comes to food shopping, I now keep an open mind. Doing so has helped me save money on a good diet! There are cheap meals you can cook at home to stay frugal.
    I've got a new pact with myself when it comes to doing the food shopping each week. I've agreed I will not go within 10 feet of any prepared ready meals.
    Now don't get me wrong - they're nice as far as convenience is concerned. But you can never be sure of what's in them, and when it comes to the price, I know I can cook meals that are far cheaper and more nutritious any day of the week...
    Why am I harping so much about health? It's because of situations like these that I find myself in once too often! Health problems can spiral into huge financial nightmares quite easily.
    Doing simple, cost effective things to stay healthy today will keep you from spending more money down the line. Don't forget: the cost of treating chronic disease can be debilitating enough to cause job loss; it's cited as one of the top reasons why people go bankrupt.
    Plus you can do this without having to spend too much on a gym membership, trainers or expensive nutritionists. Here's what you can do to stay healthy and preserve your money at the same time...

    Yes, it's Over...

    There you have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down. But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journey to wellness.

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    Author: Justin Smith

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