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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: Cereal Choices Made Clear + 10 Foods To Live On

    Cue the orchestra and send in the clowns... there's got to be clowns... Why? Because it's Friday and time for Diet-to-Go's weekly Diet Blog Carnival!

    What's a Diet Blog Carnival? It's our weekly roundup of insightful and entertaining blogs on all things diet, food, fitness, motivation and diet!

    This week's four new blogs were submitted by readers just like you, so be sure to get your favorite blog posted here in coming weeks.

    Ladies and gentlemen... get ready to r-r-r-r-r-r-read and enjoy the Diet Blog Carnival quintet of creative postings!

    This week's gems discuss everything from the 10 foods you could live on to sticking with diet and exercise while on vacation to the best cereal choices!

    The Featured 4

    If You Could Only Live On 10 Foods, What Would They Be?

    It seems as if I could easily live off of these foods for the rest of my life. I am by no means going to, but I may eat these 10 foods without anything else during a one-week period down the road as an experiment. It would be simple, a lot of fun, and it seems as if I would be getting just about all the nutrition I need.

    I, without a doubt, would be consuming enough protein, fat, and carbs... the 10 foods seem legit for all the vitamins and minerals and certainly a host of antioxidants. Eating only 10 foods makes life simple too.

    I added wild boar at the end because I am a huge fan of Lost.

    Click here to see what 10 foods the writer chose...


    Sticking To Your Diet & Exercise Routine On Summer Vacation

    A study published in the journal Eating Behaviors found that 66% of subjects on a weight control program gained weight during the summer months. Although a vacation is meant to be enjoyable - full of friends, food, and relaxation - you should continue to treat your health as priority number one.

    That doesn't mean being a slave to a strict diet or forgoing an occasional afternoon nap, but overall continuation of healthy behaviors even when away from home will ensure that you return to "reality" with only wonderful memories, not extra pounds.

    Here are some tips to manage your diet on your summer vacation


    4 Exercises that Are Anything But Boring

    One of the most common excuses I hear when talking about diets for men is people saying "but exercise is boring." Well, I'll admit this... SOME exercise is boring, but it's really only as exciting as you make it.

    Sure jogging on a treadmill or riding a recumbent bike for an hour may not be real exciting, but here are 10 exercises that I'm sure you won't find boring. Heck, most of you probably don't even think of it as exercise!

    My point here is that exercise doesn't have to be boring... you can do things that are fun and still burn calories and eventually lose weight. You would be amazed how many pounds you can shed just by being active and doing things that you like.

    Get movin' to the rest of the feature


    Cereal Choices Made Clear - Smart Living

    You have probably heard of the health benefits of eating breakfast: how it is the most important meal, great for metabolism and so on. Now what? You've got to pick what you're going to eat for breakfast. Although there are many choices, cereal may be one of the very best.

    Benefits of Cereal: First of all, cereal tastes amazing and comes in an endless line of flavors and varieties. If you can't find a cereal that you enjoy, you probably can't find many things in life to enjoy either (okay, so maybe I'm a bit biased). Equally important, is that many cereals are very healthy.

    Now chew on this -- the rest of the cereal post!


    Yes, it's Over...

    There you have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down. But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journey to wellness.

    Click Here to Submit a Post to Next Week's Carnival!


    Author: Justin Smith

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