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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: Cost of Being Overweight + 4 More Great Blogs

    Mr. Bad Food is back to play ringmaster for our weekly Diet Blog Carnival.

    Step right up and read five of the best submissions of the week, including a great look at the cost of being overweight and insights into surviving the Super Bowl and all the party food you pah... pah... pah... pah...pah... put in your face!

    Okay, call me Lady Gag-a! But please push forward and check out our fun and informative Friday Diet Blog Carnival.

    If you're good, we'll give you sugar-free cotton candy for the ride home!

    #5) Super ways to survive the Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl means different things to different people -- some are diehard football fans, some just like the commercials, some host annual parties and some just attend. But across the board, Super Bowl party food often ranks right up there with the game itself. And for many, Super Bowl equals super fattening!

    Chips, dips, wings, nachos, BBQ, chili, burgers, potato salad, giant subs (or hoagies or grinders... whatever you call them where you live!) -- sound about right? There are ways to hit the Super Bowl parties without gorging on all the junk food...

    Blog title: Surviving the Super Bowl

    Blog link:


    #4) Planning a well-balanced diabetic diet

    In order to achieve normal metabolism in diabetic patients, some form of dietary measures are always recommended. A well balanced diabetic diet is just one part of a balanced natural diabetes treatment plan.

    The main aims of diet control are listed below:

    1. Avoid hyperglycemia

    2. Minimize fluctuations in blood glucose levels and reduce overall blood glucose

    3. Achieve weight reduction in obese patients to reduce insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and dyslipidemia

    4. Avoid hypoglycemia and weight gains that are commonly associated with drugs such as insulin

    5. Avoid diets that may aggravate diabetic symptoms...

    Blog title: A Balanced Diabetic Diet os Just One Part of a Natural Diabetes Treatment Plan

    Blog link:


    #3) Weight loss tips that will work

    "As Americans, we eat way too much."

    This is so true it's scary. Go to any other country and watch them, it's astounding how much Americans eat. Supersized portions and bang for your buck have become an irreversible part of American society.

    I too know the feeling of stuffing yourself with endless amounts of food only to regret it after. Yet we continue to go back to this habit again and again. I know it may seem hopeless, but don't give up.

    So, what's the solution?

    Blog title: Battle of the Bulge: A Simple Way to Lose Weight

    Blog link:


    #2) Tone up with 6 exercises you do at home

    Muscle building at home is an excellent alternative to going to the gym. Oftentimes people either cannot afford a gym membership or just find going to the gym inconvenient or uncomfortable. An excellent substitute that can be just as effective is muscle building at home with exercises that are proven to increase strength and slim the body.

    By fitting these few simple exercises into your daily regimen at home you will begin to see results in no time...

    Blog title: Muscle Building at Home: 6 Simple Exercises to Create a Leaner and More Muscular You

    Blog link:


    #1) How extra weight hurts your wallet

    While most of us understand that being overweight is bad for our health, the fact that it can also be bad for our wallets is not something that many people consider. However, recent studies have shown that the overweight are at a definite economic disadvantage, and their employers are too.

    With many countries (like Japan) moving to regulate the size of waistlines in an attempt to save money, it has suddenly become very important to lose weight.

    Let's look at just a few of the ways that being overweight can affect your wallet, and what you could be doing with that money instead...

    Blog title: The Cost of Being Overweight

    Blog link:

    Yes, it's Over...

    There ya have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down. But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journmey to wellness.

    The submission link is:

    Author: Justin Smith

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