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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

    They're ba-a-a-a-ck! I'm talking about the top 5 blogs of the week as presented in our friday Diet Blog Carnival.

    This week we've scoured the 'net and stormed through the many submissions from readers just like you. What you see below are our top 5 picks of the week -- everything about proper eating tips for pregnant women to the new findings related to stress and weight gain.

    Give 'em a look, then come back next Friday -- and every Friday -- for more great insights into your health.

    Oh baby, what new moms need to know

    Ask almost any pregnant woman about eating for two, and she'll probably tell you this: It's not as much fun as it seems, and it's not all about eating extra Ho-Hos and cookie dough. Nausea and vomiting can make it hard enough to eat for one, let alone two; pregnancy restrictions can make consumption a somewhat complicated prospect (which tuna is the safe tuna again?). Some of the dos and don'ts of a pregnancy diet are a sure thing, others are educated guesses, and some are controversial...

    5) 10 diet tips for pregnant women


    Free the radicals!!!

    If one of your health goals is to keep your heart as healthy as possible (good move, too-kind of critical in the staying alive scheme of things), then you need to know what your heart needs in the form of nutrients to operate optimally. There are foods that give the heart a nutritional advantage and provide nutritional protection in form of antioxidants. Free radicals break down our health and naturally occur in the processing and digesting of food, however, there are certain foods that are rich in antioxidants and will promote health. To understand free radicals...

    4) Heart to Heart: Antioxidants & Free Radicals


    Cruising into diet trouble

    This past week, I had the privilege of getting away for 7 days on a cruise. For 7 days I was out of the loop, no phone, no TV (well, very little) and basically zero internet access. It was great. You realize when away from the convenience of technology, that life still goes on, with less stress and more "downtime." However, on a cruise, that downtime comes with a price, less moving and a 24-hour buffet, a brutal combination...

    3) Buffet Explains Dysfunctional Relationship with Food!


    Twitter yourself healthy would you like to learn a new exercise every hour? Or, how about some ideas for a healthy dinner tonight? You can get all this information and more from the 50 excellent Twitter accounts in our list. These "Twitterers" provide daily (often hourly) health and fitness tips to anyone who cares to follow, providing a world of health channeled right to your computer or mobile phone...

    2) 50 Excellent Twitterers Providing Daily Health, Fitness Tips


    Worry and weight I have one more thing to worry about -- it seems that stress can make (or keep) you fat. As if the other side effects of stress aren't enough! How does stress affect weight? Here are just a few theories...

    1) Is Stress Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?


    Yes, it's Over...

    There you have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down. But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journey to wellness.

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    Author: Justin Smith

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