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  1. Diet Blog Carnival: The Week's Best Diet Blogs from Around the Web

    Mmmm... I can almost smell the fried sausage, peppers and onions and the fried dough. Why? Well, because it's that time again -- Diet Blog Carnival time!

    Each Friday Diet-to-Go will post links to some of the best dieting blogs submitted by people just like you.

    If you want to enter the carnival and shoot for a spot in our weekly round-up click here now.

    (We promise it's easier than shooting a basketball through that bent, tiny rim at the real carnival!)

    Winners, winners chicken dinners...


    #5. How Do You Lose Weight Fast?

    This is a question that can be very frustrating until you can work out a solid solution. The difficulties encountered in ridding yourself of unhealthy fat increases after a certain age in life, especially for men.

    Life can become a little more sedate as strenuous physical activity such as sport begins to take a back seat in your life and in consequence, your metabolism slows down. Losing weight like belly fat, can be quite difficult but, losing weight fast can be really challenging...

    Blog: How To Burn Fat Like Crazy And Lose Weight Fast



    #4: Am I Hungry?

    I'm reading this book called Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. And that's why tonight I was able to stop myself in the kitchen in the middle of a sort-of binge.

    I simply placed my hand on my abdomen and said, "Am I hungry?"

    And I realized that no, I was absolutely not hungry. So I stopped eating...

    Blog: Am I Hungry?



    #3: 11 Worthy Things

    There is an enormous underlying principle that gets neglected in a lot of women's lives. And that is that each person reading this right now is worthy of being loved and merits exquisite care. Each and every woman is worthy of being comfortable in her own skin, worthy of giving herself tender loving care and worthy of treating her own body like the treasure it is.

    We love to complain about our stretch marks, zits, spider veins and other imperfections that seem to relentlessly grace our bodies. The older we get, the more plentiful the imperfections...

    Blog: 11 Worthy Things



    #2. New Drive-Thru Diet

    Let me ask you a question. Do you know how much Americans spend on weight loss? Some research shows, well over 40 billion, that's BILLION dollars annually.

    Next question, is obesity in our country going up or down? Studies show that adult obesity was up in 23 states last year.

    Last question, what individual took the popularity of Subway to a whole new level? That would be Jared Fogle. Yep, he's the young man who catapulted himself in to commercial stardom by losing weight eating nothing but Subway Sandwiches...

    Blog: New Drive-Thru Diet? Marketing Brilliance Preys on Those Desperate for Weight Loss



    #1: How Do You Fight Cravings?


    Cravings are best fought off with a stick. Preferably a big one, with metal spikes all over it.

    The dictionary says a craving is, "an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing."

    That doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing. I like intensity; I love to long. But your questions have been about the food-related cravings -- the ones that possess your brain and make you want to eat way more than you need to.

    Personally I've found that prevention is the best cure. As with many things, the key is to know thyself and be prepared...

    Blog: How Do You Fight Cravings?



    There ya have it for this week. The show is over and the tent is coming down . But be sure to come back next Friday and every Friday for the best dieting blogs out there.

    Please submkit your favorite blogs -- written by you or maybe even ones you've read on your personal journmey to wellness.


    The submission link is:

    Author: Justin Smith

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