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  1. Diet Inspiration: Jean and James Team Up to Lose 150 lbs!

    After adopting a pair of lively young girls, music theater managers Jean and James knew it was time to clean up their act. The motivation to get healthier and more energetic inspired the Iowa couple to lose a combined 150 pounds with Diet-to-Go!

    "Our weight loss was motivated by wanting to attend our youngest daughters' high school and college graduations and to see them marry and start families of their own," a glowing Jean tells Diet-to-Go.

    "I am 48 years old and I have not weighed this little since before I became pregnant with my oldest child... and that's 23 years ago."

    So what's the secret to their success?

    "The Diet-to-Go meal plan is easy," Jean says. "The food tastes good. And it's all so super convenient. We are nearly at our goals and Diet-to-Go has now become a way of life!

    "I have gone from a size 24-plus to a size 16. My goal is to be a 14. James now swims 100 laps a day in our backyard pool."

    Jean says she and her husband can now keep up with their girls who are just 6 and 4 - and bundles of boundless energy.

    "I truly believe in this diet plan," Jean says. "James and I could not have done it on our own. Since losing the weight with Diet-to-Go, we have inspired many people to try to get healthier and lose weight."

    Jean says continual frustration over not being able to stick to a diet pushed her to try the Diet-to-Go home-delivered meal plan.

    "Nothing else had worked for the long run," she notes. "We lost some weight on the Atkins diet a few years back, but then we gained it all back."

    Jean weighed 285 when she started; James tipped the scales at 360 pounds.

    "We are now able to play more actively with the girls," Jean says. "We obviously move better. In fact, I've had friends tell me that I walk completely different now. We are not so clumsy anymore."

    Both James and Jean followed Diet-to-Go's extremely flexible 5-day lunch/dinner low-fat plan. They started with the 1,600 calorie level but have since lowered it to 1,200 calories.

    "My favorite food is the grilled cheese sandwich, but all the food was good," Jean says. "On those rare occasions that we found something we didn't like, Diet-to-Go was very proactive and allowed us to make substitutions."

    Jean's two-word advice for anyone considering a diet: "Do it! I always said that I could lose weight if I had my own personal cook, like Oprah. It's so true! It's so easy!

    "I finally lost the baby weight... 22 years later. I cried the day that I walked into an Old Navy store and purchased a pair of shorts off the rack. No more 'fat lady' stores for me. I boxed up all my old big clothes and gave them away. Never again!"

    Jean says James, who has shrunk from a 5XL to an XL, still insists on wearing his baggy clothes... with suspenders. But she vows that practice will come to an end this summer.

    "Father's Day is going to be a clothes holiday," she says with a laugh.

    Jean and James will travel back to China in late August for a "heritage tour" with their girls. Thanks to Diet-to-Go and their remarkable weight loss, the plane ride won't be nearly as daunting for the slimmed-down couple.

    At Diet-to-Go, we wish them continued success and a healthy future!

    Author: John McGran


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