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  1. Diet-to-Go Feeding Extreme Brickover 4 Weight Loss Contestants

    And they're off... The six couples participating in the 8-week Extreme Brickover 4 weight loss challenge weighed in this past Tuesday and are now working out and eating delicious Diet-to-Go meals as they compete to lose weight and win great prizes!Diet-to-Go again returns as the sole food provider for the contestants Maleena and John Kantorski, Julia Edwards and Sam Miccinilli, Valerie Olivares and David Fiore, Merissa Detwiler and Jayme Katz, Rosalind Andrews and Kevin Williams, and Shubhika Dhawan and Ty Austin.Good luck everyone! Weekly weigh-ins take place Tuesday mornings; fine dining takes place three times a day, thanks to...

  2. Foods We Love to Hate: A Facebook Page Special

    If you haven't been following Diet-to-Go's Facebook page, you missed yesterday's rousing discussion on the three foods we love to hate.See if your most-hated foods made anyone else's list, then chime in below or on our Facebook page.This is how the thread got started."Diet-to-Go user Inky Wine stated below that she's a '3-B food hater - brussell sprouts, beets and bananas. ' My least favorite foods are olives, sauerkraut and artichokes. So let's start a thread here -- what are your 3 least favorite foods?"Cynthia Parrott Well... as a Vegan any and all meat and animal products (of course), I...

  3. A FREE WEEK of Food is at Hand: We're at 2,985 Facebook Fans!

    As I write this blog, we're 15 new Facebook fans away from 3,000 and that means one of our lucky fans will soon be randomly selected to receive one free week of Diet-to-Go food!Our goal is to make 2011 an even happier New Year for a few lucky fans of Diet-to-Go and our perfectly portioned, deliciously satisfying low-fat, low-carb and vegetarian meals! Because we value you, our loyal customers for the past 20 years, we'll continue to give away one free week of food to a random Facebook follower at each increment of 500 new fans.Our last lucky winner...

  4. End The Yo-Yo Effect of Losing, Regaining Weight: 5 Proven Tactics

    They call it the yo-yo effect - losing weight only to gain back the lost pounds and more. It's one of the most frustrating occurrences for dieters.But if you follow five simple tactics you'll avoid regaining lost weight.React quicklyIt's natural for your weight to fluctuate a few pounds, but if you see the scale needle jump 5 pounds, take action NOW! Don't wait until you find yourself on that slippery slope back to your old weight. Simply renew your commitment and pick up the calorie-burning pace of your fitness plan and you'll see the extra weight come off again.Plan your...

  5. Practicing What I Preach: I've Dropped 11 lbs. in 2 weeks

    Two weeks ago, I posted the blog I'm Fat, I'm Angry & I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore.This morning, I got on my scale and celebrated a 3.0 pound loss for the week. And two weeks into my low-carb diet, I am down a nice 11 pounds and feeling more energetic and far less bloated!That's the good news.Here's the bad: I started my current diet at my all-time high weight of 243.4 pounds. That's horrible for a guy who -- on a good day -- stands 5'7".But today I weigh 232.4... and I intend to continue moving the scale...

  6. I'm Fat, I'm Angry & I'm Not Gonna Take it Anymore!

    Over the past few weeks, I've come to a major realization -- I am too fat and much too angry to continue in the direction I'm headed. And I badly need to get back on track towards a healthier weight.I was doing great late last year. I was following the Diet-to-Go Balance meal plan and losing weight while eating great. I lost 15 pounds before my Florida vacation.But then I began to sabotage my diet and self-destruct.When I started drinking full-strength Pepsi again last week, I knew I had hit soda-on-the-rocks bottom. It was time to throw my gear...

  7. Facebook Free Food Winner: Texas Teacher Gives Diet-to-Go an A+

    Diet-to-Go really made the grade with Paula Waters, the lucky winner of our recent "free week of food" giveaway.Paula, a teacher in Arlington, Texas, was so pleased with the quality and taste of the 1,600-calorie low-fat meal plan she chose after being randomly selected after we reached 2,500 fans on Facebook, she's now a paying customer! We'll be giving away another free week of food when 3,000 health-conscious folks click the "Like" button on our Facebook page.As I write this, that number reads 2,724.So, tell your friends to go to and "Like" our page!The faster we get to 3,000...

  8. Valentine's Day Special: Savor Some Good News About Chocolate!

    It's Valentine's Day and I must confess - I am hopelessly entangled in a love affair... with chocolate. I am not worried about my wife being upset. She is embroiled in her own passionate relationship with chocolate.Odds are you and your loved ones also share this love for the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of good old chocolate.You might think that chocolate and healthy living cannot live together. Wrong! Food scientists have discovered that chocolate does indeed have health attributes. Now don't go grabbing a king-sized Hershey's bar. The majority of the benefits are associated with the flavonoids that are found primarily in...

  9. Diet-to-Go: It's All About the Food

    By now you probably know the Diet-to-Go meals are extremely delicious, perfectly portioned and totally portable. You might also know Diet-to-Go offers five fulls weeks of menus and three different meal plans: Balance, Carb30 and Vegetarian.But Diet-to-Go's Director of National Business, Michele Trankovich, thought you might like to know even more about this great product and the successful company that is celebrating its 20th year in business.Diet-to-Go Food Facts Balance and Vegetarian Meal PlansMeal plans are low in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium.The meal plans follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes...

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