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  1. Diet-to-Go Mobile App Review: iMap My Fitness

    Cost: Free, or upgrade for $4.99

    Device: iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android

    Category: Healthcare and Fitness

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    iMapMyFitness is a great electronic fitness journal. Using the built-in GPS system of your mobile device (phone, iPod, etc.), you can track your outdoor fitness routine and keep a log of your workouts. You can play your music over the app and it has voice feedback that will detail your workout in real-time. And then just to keep you honest, you can use the social media component to post your workouts via Facebook or Twitter. A great 'connect with friends' feature lets you grab a buddy and challenge each other with routes in your area. The iMap website is really cool too and includes free fitness resources, a way to share running/biking routes or even search for a map near you. And if you need some extra motivation, you can participate in one of their many fitness challenges (right now, they have a 30-day Spring Challenge).

    Why you love it:

    It is a fun, interactive, useful workout journal. For you outdoor types: It is great for tracking your runs, figuring out speed, elevation, time and distance. It lets you drop pins along your route so you can constantly monitor your workout. The auto countdown will push you to the end of your workout. There is even a cadence sensor for all you bike-lovers. Plus, just knowing how far that ride was, or your daily dog walk, can be really fun. For those gym-goers and class-takers: It has a 'log my workout' for any gym workout or class, including Yoga, spin, rock climbing, even a bootcamp option. Tip: use the countdown when on the elliptical machine to keep you going strong to the very end of your workout.

    Why you don't:

    Some reviewers thought the app crashed a bit much, but our download didn't have this problem (make sure to restart your device after installing to help prevent this). It would be helpful to be able to set a target pace when working out and have the audio feedback alert you if you are too slow/fast. Also, the audio feedback isn't very loud when you are jamming to your tunes. The free version has advertisements that are pretty easy to accidently click on, so if they annoy you too much, it might be worth it to buy the full version.

    Download it?

    Definitely!! The free version is useful and really fun to use. No need to purchase the full version unless you can't live with the advertisements.

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

    Apps & Mobile Tools
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