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  1. 'I Feel Unstoppable' Molly's Diet-to-Go Success Story

    Meet Molly Moffitt

    * Weight loss results may vary based on starting weight and adherence to the meal plan. 

    Molly Moffitt is a talented improv actress and waitress. Her non-traditional hours and overexposure to food were making it really hard for her to stay in shape. Molly has participated in three Diet-to-Go Weight-Loss Challenges since the beginning of 2015 and has done tremendously well in working toward her weight goal of 150. We caught up with Molly 51 pounds down and gearing up to reward herself with a new bathing suit and much anticipated trip to Portland.

    DTG: How did you hear about Diet-to-Go and what made you choose us?

    MM: One night I made up some stupid story about not being able to go out with friends because I was fat and I had nothing to wear that I felt good in. Since I was home and feeling bad, I decided to do a little research on the internet for diets. I wanted something easy, affordable, and delicious. I came across Diet-to-Go. I read reviews, checked out the menus and, before I could talk myself out of it, I ordered.

    DTG: What most surprised you about the Diet-to-Go meal plan?

    MM: I ordered the 1200 calorie diet and I was a little afraid of what that would be like. Friends told me I would starve but I didn't see any other way. This is what it had come to and I was willing to suffer. When the food arrived I was so excited. I opened that first cooler and, at first glance, the portions looked small. Then I had my first meal and it was great! I was not hungry when I was done. I thought to myself, “Maybe I can do this."

    DTG: What was your motivation to get in shape?

    MM: I am 45 years old and, a few short months ago, I decided I had had enough. I was overweight and I felt so bad about myself. I have always used humor in my life but my weight was just not funny anymore. Last year I was sick most of the year with a massive kidney stone. I was in pain all the time and I was super depressed. I could not see an end to my pain and I guess I just gave up. My weight spiraled out of control. I have always had a weight problem but I was fairly active; last year I was not. All I did was work and sleep. I am in a comedy sketch troupe so I performed once a month but that was super hard and often I would give less than my best because I just had no energy. Once the stone was finally removed (it took 2 surgeries) I felt like a new person.

    DTG: Besides Diet-to-Go meals what has been your secret to success?

    MM: In January I signed up for my first Diet-to-Go Weight-Loss Challenge. I had to take a picture of my weight and I felt so gross but I knew that that number would change for the better so I was pumped. I started to read some of the posts in the myDiettogo Forum and I was pleased to read things that I was thinking. I had found some like-minded people that shared my struggle. I had never told anyone I felt fat. My friends just saw me as “that funny girl” so I figured they didn't notice my gut!! But I sure did. I entered my thoughts and goals like we are asked to do in the Challenge and I began to start my day by reading what the others wrote in the Mydiettogo Forum. I was truly inspired.

    The first week of the Challenge I lost 6 pounds and that was without doing much exercise. My energy level was still a bit low but I managed to walk a few days for 30 minutes a time. One of the first goals I set for myself was to walk 4 days a week. At first it was hard to get motivated but writing it in the Forum made it real. I had to do it. The first 4-Week Challenge was over before I knew it and I had lost 16 pounds!! To my surprise, I won the challenge!!! I got 4 weeks of free food!!! And then, it was on!!!!


    DTG: How much weight have you lost so far?

    MM: My start weight was 219 lbs. Grrrr. I have participated in two Weight-Loss Challenges and I have lost a total of 40 pounds in just over 2 months. I feel amazing. I was so excited to win the Weight-Loss Challenge and I am looking so much better already. I would still like to lose 30 pounds and I feel like I can do it!!! Diet-to-Go has given me the tools I needed to make real changes.

    DTG: What have you learned while being on the Diet-to-Go weight-Loss program?

    MM: I have not cheated once, so I would say the main thing I have learned is self-discipline. I have also learned so much about food and what my body needs to have energy.

    DTG: What have you learned about yourself since you started on your weight loss journey?

    MM: I have surprised myself a lot during this diet journey. It has been more than 100 days and that surprises the heck out of me. I truly can't believe that I have been able to stay this focused. Before I started this diet, the negative thoughts in my head were controlling me; "I am too old to lose weight", "My job is too hard and I won't have time or energy to workout ", "I will be hungry all the time"-- surprisingly all these things are untrue. I feel better than I have in years -- many years! I reprogramed my inner voice and I like her much better.


    DTG: How have you rewarded yourself for losing weight?

    MM: I rewarded myself with a Fitbit and that has been a fantastic tool. I will probably get a new swimsuit and go on a vacation when I reach my ultimate goal.

    DTG: How has losing weight improved your life?

    MM: People are starting to notice my new slim physique and that feels amazing. I feel unstoppable. 

    Molly Moffit has been a winner in three Diet-to-Go Weight-Loss Challenges and continues to be an inspiration to others in the Community. She recently lost 6.64% of her body weight and won third place in the 4-Week Diet-to-Go Summer Body Weight-Loss Challenge. We think she might be ready to treat herself to that sexy new bikini.

    We Want to Hear From You?

    What do you think of Molly's story? Do you share some of her challenges? Do you think you might give a Diet-to-Go Challenge a try?

    Author: Brandi Redo
    Brandi is a Certified Health Coach at Diet-to-Go, based in Lorton, VA. Balance is the number one mission in Brandi’s life. In her spare time she loves to bike, do Zumba and play tennis, but hates gym exercise. She is an amateur gardener and nature walker, who is on the constant look out for interesting insects and small animals. Brandi encourages people to “find the sweetness in life.”



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