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  1. Dietary Supplements Can Hurt Your Health, And Your Wallet!

    As swimsuit season heats up, consumers need to beware financial schemes, bogus effectiveness claims and sometimes dangerous ingredients when buying weight loss remedies.

    Amazing acai berry... all-natural hoodia... weight loss "as seen on Oprah!"

    How many of these claims have you fallen for?

    In recent months, the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about more than 70 "natural" weight loss supplements after sporadic testing by the agency found they were secretly spiked with a variety of pharmaceuticals. They ranged from the active ingredient in the prescription drug Meridia, to an experimental obesity drug currently undergoing clinical trials and lacking safety and effectiveness data, to potent diuretics and a laxative that is a possible carcinogen.

    Don't fall victim.

    For the rest of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution feature, click this link:

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