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  1. Advice from a Gal Who's Lost 130 lbs: 7 Questions with Julia Havey

    Julia Havey is on a mission to help overweight Americans overcome their bad eating habits and slim down once and for all.

    The best-selling author and in-demand speaker is living proof that her approach to weight loss really does work.

    By practicing what she preaches, Julia not only managed to drop 130 pounds, but she has also kept off the weight for more than a decade now.

    Julia is so passionate about her quest to curb the obesity plague she's willing to give away her expertise to anyone who wants it.

    Julia recently sat down with Diet-to-Go to answer seven questions about her latest initiative and the struggle to overcome vice foods to shed unhealthy fat.

    DTG: Your website,, says you're on a mission to help 1 million people reach their weight loss goals with FREE diets. It's a fantastic endeavor but WHY are you giving away so much for free?

    Julia Havey: My goal has long been to help change the lives of one million people. While it would be great to sell my product to that many people, the reality is that our nation has reached a point of crisis. Two million people are now "super obese" -- weighing in at more than 500 pounds. About 300,000 people died last year with obesity listed as the cause of their death.

    I can't stand by while $343 MILLION in tax dollars fund community programs that WILL NOT equate into ANY pounds lost of ANY taxpayer." I am mad as hell and not going to take it any longer. Rather than sit back and complain I set out to do something about it.

    I am giving away my proven program in an effort to bring about weight loss and improve the health of Americans. My goal is to help one million people lose 30 MILLION pounds.

    DTG: Your site -- and your previous book -- are called the Vice Busting Diet. What exactly is a vice busting diet and why do I need to bust my vices to lose weight more effectively?

    JH: If you want to get the attention of the people who need to lose weight, you have to use the word "diet." It's what the publishing industry calls your hook. But a diet is the LAST thing that my program is -- it is actually a lifestyle change program.

    The reason you must bust your worst vices -- and bust them forever -- is THEY are WHY you are overweight in the first place. Anything else would be equivalent to trying to cure an alcoholic by placing them on a short-term alcohol restricted program. Then, once they are sober, you tell the alcoholic to go forth and just "control their vice in moderation."

    We would NEVER try to cure ANY addiction that way yet the diet industry is the one who gains when diet after diet causes us to revert back to our old lifestyle, old habits or old vices if you will and regain the weight. Why? Because we BUY the next diet du jour.

    Living without a particular UNHEALTHY food that you love so much that you eat it in enough excess to be overweight is NOT deprivation. By continuously beating your head against the proverbial wall of moderation, you deprive yourself of the life and body of your dreams.

    DTG: Why should anyone take dieting advice from Julia Havey? Have you had to overcome a weight problem yourself?

    JH: Dr. Mehmet Oz said while interviewing me on his Oprah & Friends radio show, "You know what Julia, after hearing you, I don't think ANYONE should be able to give diet advice unless they themselves have done it!" I have done just that. I lost 130 pounds with my advice.

    But more importantly, I have kept off the pounds in an age where the National Institutes of Health tells us 98% of people who lose weight dieting gain it back within 5 years... and 90% of them gain back MORE than they lost.

    The MOST weight that I ever gained back is 35 pounds... and 30 of that I took back off!

    DTG: What do you believe are the main reasons America is so darn overweight?

    JH: I don't believe it, I KNOW it. Soft drinks, fast food, sedentary lifestyles and oversized portions. Even healthy food is detrimental when you eat too much of it.

    DTG: How can we reverse this trend and where do we start -- individually and as parents?

    Obviously, my first response is to say you should log on to With that said, I think we need to start drinking more water and cutting out all HFCS-laced beverages. HFCS is an acronym for high fructose corn syrup which is used in place of natural sugar. Secondly, we need to start eating real food again -- unprocessed, unrefined, fresh and natural as possible and in appropriate portions.

    I think that fiber is also a huge part of the equation. Early man ate about 100 grams of fiber a day. You and I are lucky to get 10-20 grams a day. Fiber is a huge part of my approach.

    As parents, we should pack our children's lunches every day, make them a real breakfast, and don't send them off to school with Fruit Loops as their fuel. We also need to get our kids doing some physical activity every day!

    Another great tip for parents. Have your children watch Dr. David Katz's Nutrition Detectives program. You can learn about getting free vitamins for your children and a copy of the video by calling 800-908-3001

    DTG: If I walked into your kitchen and opened your fridge, what foods and drinks would I find there right now?

    JH: Oh, gosh John, I just got home from three days on the road... but at any given time you'd find eggs, egg whites, skim milk, low-fat cheese, roasted chicken, lunch meat (but only the healthiest low-sodium kinds) bags of pre-washed lettuce, tomatoes, double protein bread, cinnamon raisin bread (for French toast for my son), and two bags of Clementines (I am currently addicted to them!).

    In my freezer, you'd find a lot of frozen pasta dishes for the boys while I am gone, veggies and some lemonade stick things that are 40 calories each.

    For drinks, you'd find pressed apple juice, oxygenated water, Verve and Vemma (my husband's obsessions) and a Brita filter pitcher of water. My son is currently into some protein-filled milk drink in single serve bottles.

    And behind all the condiments -- if you look closely -- you will find a chocolate bar. I admit to sharing ONE bar a week with my son... one SMALL bar!

    in the pantry, I usually have oatmeal, flax seed, wheat germ, and my daily breakfast of Slim Styles shakes with PGX and 20 grams of protein. I will NOT start a day without it. You'll also find enough Starbucks coffee beans to serve a small army. Okay, I am an espresso junkie. There's also tons of bottled waters, a few boxes of low-fat microwave popcorn, spices, herbs and some Ezekiel cereal.

    You might find a beer or two or an old bottle of wine, but I rarely drink so don't blame those on me!

    DTG: I see great plugs from Dr. Oz and Dr. Katz on your website -- what messaging do you share with these well-known and respected diet and nutrition experts?

    I think they like my message because it is common sense and proven effective. Referring to my vice busting message, Dr. Katz said "these very habits have indeed often been a cause, or even THE cause, of weight gain and failed attempts at lasting weight loss among my patients. Julia gets it."

    Thanks Julia. Your message is the same as our message -- eat healthy foods in proper portions and find time for activity! Good luck with your million diets initiative.

    For more about Julia Havey, go to

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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