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  1. Do Men Really Want Thin Women?

    Do most guys want thin women? They make fun of overweight women, and drool over emaciated actresses, so what kind of a chance do mere mortals have?

    Well, thin may be in (at the moment), but I believe there may be a difference between what looks good and what feels good to men.

    Let's face it, very few of us in the real world resemble television or movie stars, but men still want to get some lovin'... if ya know what I mean.

    Many people are turned off by extremes: extremely heavy, extremely thin, or extremely tall and extremely short. This seems to be human nature, but nature is often self-correcting. For instance, a very short guy may find a very short woman attractive, so who cares what the masses think?

    There is certainly a culture of men who believe large is lovely, and feel secure wrapped in the physical and psychological comfort of a large body. Latino and black men seem to lust after ultra curvy (dare we say meaty) mates. Certainly there are women who feel safe in the arms of big men.

    Many men may admire models, but may not like to squeeze a bag o' bones. In fact, many men would probably be happy to accept a few extra pounds on their women if they just stopped complaining about their weight, or talking about what they ate, wanted to eat, will eat or shouldn't have eaten! I think they've heard enough about your huge thighs and fat butt!

    Confidence, kindness and sensuality create more attraction than a particular body weight. Good sexual techniques make men forget about your cellulite! Initial appearances wear thin rather quickly. Who cares how much you weigh if you're annoying to be with, because deprivation makes you cranky?

    A fit body works best, and healthy living produces a vehicle with which to enjoy all the wonders of life. Too many people don't realize that healthy bodies come in all sizes, and that can feel good to you as well as him.

    Let's celebrate becoming our personal best. It's a basic tenet of "Dr. Abby's Diet Revolution!"

    Dr. Abby graduated from Columbia University, and holds 2 masters degrees and a Ph.D. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and Mensa. As a psychologist in private practice for 16 years she helped people with a wide variety of concerns, and has spoken on many topics related to weight loss, mental health, parenting and relationships.

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