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  1. Don't Let a Binge Blow Your Diet

    Dieting doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. So the next time you slip and scarf down an entire package of Girl Scout cookies or a carton of ice cream, don't throw in the towel, give up and gain back the weight you've lost.

    You wouldn't trash your car just because you got a dent in the fender, right? So why should you abandon your weight loss goals over a single moment of diet debauchery?

    Author and registered nurse Linda Spangle knows why we are so quick to call it a day and dive back into overeating.

    "Whenever you say, 'I blew it,' your brain hears, 'That means I'm off my diet, so I might as well go ahead and eat more.' Then you decide that since your diet is a lost cause anyway, you might as well give up and start over the next day."

    Sound familiar?

    Here's what you do the next time you fall off the dieting wagon... and you will fall because, as Forrest Gump was fond of saying, "Slip happens."

    Or as Billy Joel sang, "You're only human. You're bound to mistakes."

    So instead of saying "I blew it!" when you gobble up a third slice of pizza, tell yourself you simply took a little time out from the dieting game. Then pick yourself up, dust off the crumbs and get back on on track.

    NEVER, EVER wait until "tomorrow" to take action. The time for action is NOW. This minute. This moment.

    It really can be a make-or-break moment for you and your diet.

    Do anything to take your mind off your slip... something that affirms you're in it to win it and you WILL continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. You may want to take a longer than usual walk, nibble on a piece of fruit or chew some sugarless gum.

    Good luck!

    Author: John McGran

    Overall Health & Nutrition
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