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  1. Dress for Success: What to Wear When You're Losing Weight

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Meet our newest guest blogger, Leslie Gonzales, a fun and informative friend of mine who's professionally known as Missus Smarty Pants. Leslie's expertise lies in fashion ... and we all know how tough it is to dress fashionably when we're trying to diet and lose weight. Welcome aboard Leslie!

    What to Wear When You're Losing Weight

    It's the New Year and your weight loss resolution is off to a terrific start!

    You've got your meal planning and diet all lined up... check. You've added exercise into your weekly routine... check.

    Now you're finding your clothes are fitting you kinda loose. It's all good and pretty exciting except now it means you need new clothes!

    But buying a whole new wardrobe is impractical and expensive while you are in transition of weight loss. So what's a thinner like you to do?

    As a fashion stylist/personal shopper, I work with lots of women during their weight loss journeys. So let me share with you my top tips for a weight loss wardrobe.

    Bag It!

    Actually... don't bag it by continuing to wear your baggy clothes! Nothing says frumpy like baggy clothes. Besides, they aren't very motivating. It's time to start showing off your new slimmer physique.


    Basic is Best!

    Concentrate on having only a small basic wardrobe of good-fitting pieces. Look for items that are simple in construction so they can easily be altered to the next size down. Yup you'll wear these clothes to death, but you'll look fabulous in them.


    Take Thee to a Tailor!

    Your local tailor needs to become you new BFF! As a rule of thumb losing 8-10 pounds means you'll need the next size down. Your clothes can be altered two sizes smaller before you need to get new ones.


    Cheap Chic!

    Of course you don't want to break the bank while you are in transition, so shop saavy instead. Shop at thrift stores, online auction sites, and discount retailers for clothes that can be easily altered -- and save money in the process!


    Acessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

    Did I mention that you should accessorize? Well, it's your next closest friend to your tailor! I can't say enough about accessories. They can take the most boring outfit and make it style-chic! Play them up and you'll start getting lots of compliments -- just what a gal needs during weight loss.


    Treat Yourself!

    Keep yourself encouraged and motivated by rewarding yourself. But not with food! Cake may make you feel good but looking a size smaller feels better! Treat yourself to a designer handbag or something non-size related because you deserve it.


    Bend and Stretch!

    Select fabrics that contain 2% stretch. This allows you to wear more body-skimming silhouettes with ease. Seeing your new slimmer silhouette in clothes is very motivating for you. Look for classic button-down shirts, dark denims (they are the most slimming), A-line skirts, straight-legged trousers -- all with stretch in them.

    Always remember: You're all that... and a bag of chips!

    Okay, I guess we could do without the food analogy here, LOL! But honestly, you've got to admit it, you are looking good and wearing good fitting basics is going to make you love the new you!

    All the best this New Year... the year you reach your weight loss goals!

    Leslie Gonzales, aka MissusSmartyPants -- "the know-it-all of style" -- is your cyber-stylist! She's also the creator of and the Personal Profile system that helps you dress for your body type.

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