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  1. Eat Great & Lose Weight: My Top 10 Low-Fat Meals

    I have been eating Diet-to-Go food on and off for more than 10 years now. The Balance meal plan has become my delicious diet of choice – and it never fails to help me lose weight while I eat great.

    I also love the Carb30 Meal plan with its wide variety of meat-centered dishes. I am sure I'd love the Vegetarian meal plan as well, but I have yet to convince myself I can go meat-free for any length of time!

    My latest low-fat diet has helped me lose 17 pounds in just four weeks. You just can't beat that kind of success.

    So let's talk food. The Diet-to-Go meals are DELICIOUS! In fact, when I sat down to write about my top 10 favorite meals, I found I had grabbed 21 favorites from the five full weeks of menus.

    So rather than a top 10, how about a 21-gun salute to my favorite low-fat meals?

    I'll start with the top 10, then roll out the other favorites with comments on why these meals make Mr. Bad Food smile and salivate!


    Blackened Turkey Loin, Carrot Chipotle Puree, Asparagus Risotto

    The thick cuts of turkey are amazing. And those sides are scrumptious. The carrot chipotle puree is kind of like mashed potatoes... only better!

    Egg Quesadilla, Potato Cake, Citrus Cup

    The scrambled egg mixture wrapped inside a whole wheat tortilla is yummy enough, BUT the homemade potato cake is out of this world! The citrus cup makes for a sweet 'n cool bonus treat.

    Szechuan Turkey Burger on a Multi-Grain Roll, Beet and Carrot Salad

    This lunch never fails to satisfy. I toast the whole-grain roll while I microwave the turkey burger. When both are ready I soak the burger with the little cup of thick 'n tangy Szechuan joy.

    Baked Atlantic Salmon, Stuffed Baked Potato, Baby Carrots, Pineapple Crisp

    The large salmon fillet is reason enough to dive into this amazing meal, but the stuffed baked potato just blows me away. And those baby carrots are remarkably tender and sweet!

    Mirkin Burger, Kaiser Roll, American Cheese, Salsa Cup, Melon Mix

    Named for a renowned physician, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, this meat-free burger is a culinary masterpiece. I am a hardcore carnivore yet I look forward to this savory burger topped with salsa and cheese!

    Cioppino Seafood Medley, Petite Grain Roll, Cream Cheese & Chives, Chocolate Pudding

    Tender cuts of fish, scallops and shrimp are the base for this fantastic stew-like meal. I toast the roll, smear on the hefty portion of cream cheese, then find room for the tasty chocolate pudding!

    Apple Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Turkey Sausage

    This breakfast of apple-filled pancakes is melt-in-your-mouth good! The maple syrup is real – and real good too – and the two turkey sausages are superb!

    Herb Crusted Whitefish, Creamy Polenta, Broccoli Florets, Sesame Breadsticks

    Diet-to-Go knows how to hook you on restaurant-quality seafood. But while the fish is surely dee-lish, the creamy polenta is the secret to this meal's success!

    Barbecue Chicken, Anise Roasted Potatoes, Baked Beans, Green Beans & Almond Slivers

    This is NOT your typical diet meal. What it is is a belly-busting adventure reminiscent of a backyard barbecue. While most of my favorites are gourmet dishes, this pick is comfort food all the way!

    Turkey Salisbury Steak with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Whole Green Beans, Sesame Breadsticks

    And speaking of comfort food, coming in at number 10 is another meal that will make you think mom whipped it up for you! The thick Salisbury steak is swimming in gravy and mashed potatoes!!!!


    Hummus, Pocket Bread, Citrus Fruit Cup

    I never ate hummus until I started with Diet-to-Go. What was I waiting for?!?! The mini pitas are perfect for dipping!

    Chicken Stroganoff on Bow Tie Pasta, Broccoli & Carrots with Toasted Almonds

    So decadent... and oh, so large. Serve this to a friend and then tell them it's part of your diet – they'll never believe you!

    Porcini Mushroom Chicken, Wild Rice Pilaf, Italian Veggie Blend

    Packed with wild rice pilaf, this entrée is something you'd expect to see on the menu at a fine Italian eatery.

    Vegetarian Spaghetti Pie, Cauliflower Florets

    Like your melted cheese... and lots of it? Then you cannot help but LOVE this cheesy dish!

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Lentil Chili, Brownie

    Okay, so grilled cheese is not exactly gourmet grub. BUT, the side of chili makes my taste buds stand up and cheer. And the chocolate brownie is simply to die for!

    Thai Turkey with Orange Cilantro Sauce, Stir Fry Rice, Green Bean Medley

    I am so glad Diet-to-Go doesn't only trot out turkey for Thanksgiving! Like the blackened turkey above, this meal is gobble-icious!

    Shrimp Fettucini, Broccoli Florets, Honey Wheat Roll

    The shrimp – and there are lots of them – are big and they're sitting atop a thick bed of cheesy pasta. And the toasted roll... well, it's shrimply delicious too!

    Stir Fry Chicken, Oriental Veggies, Brown Rice

    I have to fight off my wife to keep custody of this delightful dish. The baby ears of corn just might be the little extra that makes it a winner!

    Seasoned Turkey Cutlet on a Wheat Sub Roll with Pepper Relish, Applesauce

    This was one of my first Diet-to-Go meals. Eleven years later, it remains a favorite. The roll is long, the turkey cutlet chunks thick, and the pepper relish amazingly sweet and spicy!

    Tuscan Boat, Nutty Wheatberry Salad, Yogurt Smoothie

    Never heard of Tuscan Boats? Me neither till I joined Diet-to-Go. Now I'm totally on board with these potato skins stuffed with ground turkey and cheese. And that wheatberry salad is stupendous!

    Chicken Brunswick Stew, Corn & Lentil Loaf

    If you told me I'd love a loaf made from lentils, I'd have said you're crazy. But this slab of lentil loaf is like Treasure Island in the midst of a sea of terrificly sweet stew with tender chunks of chicken!

    If you're not hungry after reading my ode to the Diet-to-Go low-fat meal plan, you just aren't human. I am STARVING now!

    So until we eat again... CHOW!


    John McGran has been a writer/editor for about as long as he's been battling his weight. During his 25-year career, John has written for several newspapers, tabloids and Web sites. You may recognize his name and style from the seven years he spent writing a Worst of the Worst Foods column as Mr. Bad Food. If you have any topics you'd like John to tackle, feel free to write him at  

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